Congressional Candidate Calls for All Government Supporters of “the War on Children” to Resign

 Congressional Candidate Sean Pignatelli, for New Jersey’s 2nd District, is looking to force America’s heart to skip a beat and get most officials in Washington to take notice.

Pignatelli states, “These officials are terrorists. First we want to kill babies in the womb, now we want to starve living, breathing babies. What’s next? Euthanizing children? The Biden Administration, along with any Democrat that continues avoiding and not supporting a bill to save America’s next generation, should resign immediately.”

Pignatelli’s aggression comes from not only the baby formula crisis we are currently in, but also his opposition to late-term abortion.

Pignatelli continues, “The Biden Administration has begun a war on America’s next generation and we must fight back hard. This is not the way America is and I will not allow someone to intentionally hurt or starve any child. I would be ashamed to be a current member of our government right now.”

Pignatelli will face off with Republican incumbent Jeff Van Drew in the primary election on June 7. Pignatelli feels a high level of confidence going into the primary, based on polls he’s reviewing.

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Judicial Candidate Endorsed by Conservative PAC

 Williamson County Juvenile Judge Candidate Connie Reguli has recently been endorsed by Williamson Families and Tennessee Republican Assembly. Reguli seeks to unseat incumbent Sharon Guffee who was appointed to that position in 2013 when the local juvenile court was created. Reguli, who has been an attorney in Middle Tennessee for twenty-eight years, has worked to represent families in the complex court system and has vigorously advocated for changes in the family court and child welfare system. Her presentation as an advocate for change has caused considerable push-back from the bureaucrats and establishment.

Recently, the Williamson Families PAC and the Tennessee Republican Assembly have endorsed her candidacy as an embodiment for reform in a system that does not serve the community well. Each organization has screened and vetted Reguli, reviewing her efforts for epic change. Williamson Families is driven by a commitment to families and engaging the community with more decision-making that affects local families, businesses, and children’s education. Their website is located at

Williamson Families has selected a slate of candidates that they believe stand for leadership that promotes academic excellence and who will practice transparent accountability and fiscal responsibility. They have selected candidates that reflect these ideals and demonstrate integrity, wisdom, and service to the community.

The Tennessee Republican Assembly is a chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies who is striving to reclaim the Republican Party for conservatives. Their mission is to reform the party back to its conservative values and restore republicans faith in the GOP.

Reguli has been active with the Tennessee Republican Assembly for the last five years serving as a board member and as legal counsel.

Reguli has worked with families all across the State of Tennessee. She has lobbied for changes in the laws affecting children and families in the Tennessee General Assembly and Congress. She organized citizen lobbyists to campaign for child welfare reform laws which resulted in the Family First Act in 2018.

Early voting for the Republican primary for county officials begins April 13. The final election day is May 3. Williamson County now used voting locations instead of precincts, making it easier for citizens to vote.

Campaign to Elect Connie Reguli

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IL Sec of State Candidate Pat Dowell Responds to Alexi’s Belated Digital Driver’s License Proposal

CHICAGOSept. 22, 2021PRLogEDITOR’S NOTE: Today Alexi Giannoulias proposed a policy that Pat Dowell has presented more than a month ago. It is a good idea, as it was when Dowell talked about it in much great detail and with policy proposals on August 16.

We applaud Apple’s innovation and we do not want Illinois to lag behind other states. Under Pat Dowell’s leadership, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will be an innovation leader and build on the programs put forth by Secretary Jesse White.

On August 16, 2021, Pat Dowell released an innovative policy proposal to create a digital driver’s license that would be available on your phone. Dowell’s policies are designed to innovate the Secretary of State’s office and make things more convenient for residents.

Dowell continues to lead in proposing innovative solutions for the Secretary of State’s office, like digital driver’s licenses, an online personal dashboard for each Illinois resident, and doubling the supplier diversity spending at the Secretary of State’s office.

Link to Dowell’s 8/16/21 press release: Illinois Secretary of State Candidate Pat Dowell calls for Digital Driver’s License (…)

Full text below:

For Immediate Release

Aug 16, 2021

Illinois Secretary of State Candidate Pat Dowell calls for Digital Driver’s License

Pat Dowell, candidate for Democratic nominee for Illinois Secretary of State, announced another innovation for the Secretary of State’s office. She proposed the creation of a digital driver’s license that would be available on your phone, like a boarding pass, an idea that is becoming a reality in many states across the country. The digital license would be available to augment a hard copy license.

Dowell said, “Digital driver’s licenses are more secure and more convenient. Whether at an airport security check, a traffic stop, or an age verification, a scan of a driver’s license on your cell phone can quickly give accurate information and save officials and Illinoisans time and trouble. You would be able to access your digital driver’s license on your phone, either through the personal dashboard I’ve proposed or as a standalone app.”

More than a dozen states are exploring the possibility of digital driver’s licenses. Dowell will make sure that Illinois is one of them. While there are risks, Illinois needs to explore them and work through them.

“Illinois cannot afford to be left behind in this digital age. If other states can do digital driver’s licenses, why can’t we?” said Dowell. “In a post-COVID world, we need to use as many digital tools as we can to make it easier and safer for people.”

Dowell emphasized that with proper implementation, these programs can increase convenience and give residents the ability to show only personal information from the license required for a specific interaction. Initially, digital driver’s licenses may be used for:

* Online authentication: from access control to identity verification

* Screening at TSA checkpoints

* Car rental: to identify the renter, ensure their driving privileges, and share the required attributes for the rental contract (name, address etc.)

* Identity validation or confirmation for hotel check-in, financial institutions, social services

* Proof of age: where the purchase of age-restricted products, like alcohol, is to be verified by the retailer selling those products

On the federal level, Congress has already passed the REAL ID Modernization Act, and the Department of Homeland Security will work with states as they begin to implement digital driver’s licenses so that these also may be REAL ID compliant. As the SoS improves technology and cyber security, these REAL ID options can become a reality.

Dowell acknowledges there are issues that must be worked through. “We must make sure people’s information is secure,” she said. “And for those who don’t have smartphones or don’t want a digital license, they should still have the option to stay with the hard copy REAL ID.”