Williamson County Juvenile Judge Candidate Connie Reguli has recently been endorsed by Williamson Families and Tennessee Republican Assembly. Reguli seeks to unseat incumbent Sharon Guffee who was appointed to that position in 2013 when the local juvenile court was created. Reguli, who has been an attorney in Middle Tennessee for twenty-eight years, has worked to represent families in the complex court system and has vigorously advocated for changes in the family court and child welfare system. Her presentation as an advocate for change has caused considerable push-back from the bureaucrats and establishment.

Recently, the Williamson Families PAC and the Tennessee Republican Assembly have endorsed her candidacy as an embodiment for reform in a system that does not serve the community well. Each organization has screened and vetted Reguli, reviewing her efforts for epic change. Williamson Families is driven by a commitment to families and engaging the community with more decision-making that affects local families, businesses, and children’s education. Their website is located at www.williamson-families.org.

Williamson Families has selected a slate of candidates that they believe stand for leadership that promotes academic excellence and who will practice transparent accountability and fiscal responsibility. They have selected candidates that reflect these ideals and demonstrate integrity, wisdom, and service to the community.

The Tennessee Republican Assembly is a chapter of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies who is striving to reclaim the Republican Party for conservatives. Their mission is to reform the party back to its conservative values and restore republicans faith in the GOP.

Reguli has been active with the Tennessee Republican Assembly for the last five years serving as a board member and as legal counsel.

Reguli has worked with families all across the State of Tennessee. She has lobbied for changes in the laws affecting children and families in the Tennessee General Assembly and Congress. She organized citizen lobbyists to campaign for child welfare reform laws which resulted in the Family First Act in 2018.

Early voting for the Republican primary for county officials begins April 13. The final election day is May 3. Williamson County now used voting locations instead of precincts, making it easier for citizens to vote.

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