CaixaBank partners with Google Cloud to drive innovation in Data and Analytics


CaixaBank will expand its current big data and artificial intelligence capabilities by using Google Clouds technology to develop new services and drive innovation.

The companies will explore the use of Google Cloud technology to support the strategy of CaixaBank in a number of areas, including sustainability.

CaixaBank, Spains largest financial institution by number of clients and branches in the country, announced a new strategic, multi-year partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate the banks transition to the cloud and drive innovation using data and analytics technologies. As a part of the agreement, the bank will leverage Google Clouds cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to develop new services for its customers and drive the organizations digital transformation.

Luis Javier Blas, CaixaBanks Chief Operating Officer, said: “We have added Google Cloud to our banks ecosystem of innovation partners, in order to work together to advance data analytics and support digital transformation across the organization. Today, the complex analysis of information offers great potential in multiple areas of activity when combined with new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing. CaixaBank has always been the sectors benchmark in innovation. By partnering with Google Cloud, we will drive data-based innovation and enhance our capabilities.

Isaac Hernndez, Iberia Country Manager, Google Cloud, said Google Cloud aims to help CaixaBank gain sustained differentiation in an increasingly competitive market. Our data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools will help enable CaixaBank to meet dynamic market needs and expectations by unlocking strategic insights to create real value for its customers.

Paving the way for innovation with a data-driven cloud strategy

The collaboration between CaixaBank and Google Cloud is a key element of the banks cloud-based strategy aimed at improving data analysis and leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) technology, since it is a key tool for driving the customization of the commercial offering and improving the relationship with customers. In addition, data analytics opens up great potential in the decision-making process and the creation of new products and services.

Driving innovation in the financial industry with a focus on data privacy and security

As part of the agreement, CaixaBank will also explore the use of Google Cloud technology to support its strategy for sustainability.. Google Clouds sustainable infrastructure, based on smart and efficient data centers, and its secure cloud approach will enable the bank to take advantage of improved analytics capabilities, while meeting its strict compliance needs and standards in terms of data protection and privacy.

About Google Cloud

Google Cloud accelerates every organizations ability to digitally transform its business. We deliver enterprise-grade solutions that leverage Googles cutting-edge technology all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to enable growth and solve their most critical business problems.

About CaixaBank

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in Spain with an asset volume of more than 590 billion and one of the leading banks in Europe. CaixaBank also has a strong presence in Portugal, where it controls 100% of BPI.

The Group has more than 20 million customers, the largest branch and ATM network in Spain and Portugal, and it is the leader in digital banking with more than 11 million digital clients.

CaixaBank launches an interactive experience in the metaverse to raise awareness of taking better care of the environment


All customers of the bank visiting the all in one centres in Ibiza, Burgos, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid between 20 and 27 April will be able to participate in a virtual reality experience geared towards making them aware of how to contribute to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world.

The activity coincides with World Earth Day and is part of the initiatives launched by the bank aimed at collaborating in societys sustainable transition.

CaixaBank is celebrating this years World Earth Day with an innovative activity at its all in one centres in Ibiza, Burgos, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. All customers visiting these centres will be able to participate in the metaverse in a memorable experience on caring for the environment. Through virtual reality, the bank intends to raise awareness of how to contribute to creating a cleaner and more sustainable world in a fun and educational way.

The activity will consist in a virtual tour in which the participants will have to overcome a series of challenges in different nature environments. Customers participating in the experience will virtually explore forests, beaches and, even, the deep sea to complete missions that will raise their awareness of the need to take care of the environment. In order to participate, customers must first register on the digital channels or at the all in one centres in question.

This environmental awareness activity includes a CaixaBank Talks session titled Do you know which small habits you can adopt to slow down climate change?, which the bank will hold on-site at all in one Madrid on 27 April at 19:00 and will be streamed for all CaixaBank customers and employees.

In addition, 3D images will be projected in a surround format on the large screens of the all in one centres during 22 April, taking customers that visit the space through a journey to the deep sea and transmitting messages on environmental care and CaixaBanks commitment to sustainability. These activities help to demonstrate the work of the bank to fulfil its objective of promoting initiatives that help drive societys sustainable transition.

all in one, CaixaBanks flagship centres

Innovation in the branch service channel has been a constant driving force for CaixaBank. In 2019, the bank launched its new all in one branch concept: its flagship centres offering customers a unique experience beyond the financial. all in one centres are 1,500 to 3,000 square metre spaces that offer specialised service in all financing business models for individuals, self-employed workers and companies. In addition, this all in one branch model constitutes a complete transformation of the financial customer experience, thanks, above all, to the application of technology to innovate all the distinctive elements of a bank branch. The all in one experience is rounded off with a programme of monthly activities such as discussions, lectures, roundtables and events on all topics of interest.

CaixaBanks innovation in the metaverse

Last year has been a significant year in the exploration of applications of the metaverse, where the CaixaBank Group has led innovation projects such as BPIs virtual reality bank branch and the imaginLAND space, created by imagin as a 3D replica of its physical imaginCaf.

CaixaBank has signed a strategic joint innovation agreement with Microsoft intended to promote the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to new financial solutions, as well as to create new and innovative work environments in the metaverse.

CaixaBank, a European leader in sustainability

CaixaBank is a bank with its roots in delivering social impact for the benefit of society, as a result the bank strives to be at the heart of an economy where improving peoples wellbeing is a priority. With this goal in mind, the bank has developed a Sustainable Banking Plan, part of CaixaBanks new Strategic Plan, which includes its proposal to overcome challenges such as the promotion of sustainable finance, inequality, climate change and unemployment.

Sustainability is one of the three pillars on which it is based with a view to achieving the Groups results, and it sets out three ambitions: driving the sustainable transition of companies and society; leading the positive social impact; and encouraging financial inclusion, as well as fostering a responsible culture by being a benchmark in governance. CaixaBank aims to offer 64 billion in sustainable finance by 2024.

CaixaBank creates a diversity advisory committee to harness the vision of leading female corporate executives in its equality initiatives


Koro Castellano, Vanina Farber, Carmina Ganyet, Therese Jamaa and Teresa Sanjurjo make up, together with CaixaBank executives, an advisory body that will offer new perspectives to enhance diversity and inclusion.

The committee will help to reinforce things like female access to executive positions, for which CaixaBank has set a target of 42% before 2024.

Bloombergs Gender Equality Index 2022 ranks CaixaBank as one of the worlds top five companies in this field.

CaixaBank has created a diversity advisory committee whose purpose is to provide new perspectives to encourage diversity and equal opportunity in all of the Banks areas of activity, both internal and external.

The committee consists of leading executives in their respective fields, five of whom are independent of the bank and associated with preeminent companies in their sectors: Koro Castellano, Director of Amazon Prime Video in Spain; Vanina Farber, economist and political scientists who teaches Social Innovation at the Swiss business school IMD; Carmina Ganyet, Corporate General Manager at Colonial; Therese Jamaa, Vice-President of Huawei Spain; and Teresa Sanjurjo, Director of the Princess of Asturias Foundation. Representing CaixaBank on the committee are Juan Alcaraz, Managing Director of Business; David Lpez, Director of Human Resources; and Anna Quirs, Director of Culture and Development.

The creation of an advisory body exclusively dedicated to diversity, a pioneering initiative for a large business in Spain, is part of CaixaBanks commitment to encourage diversity and inclusion in all its activity, both internally, within its organisation and professional teams, and externally, through initiatives directed at its customers and society at large. This commitment boasts significant acclaim; in fact, CaixaBank is among the top five companies in the world in Bloombergs Gender Equality Index 2022.

The committee members will meet every four months to offer CaixaBank their vision and experience on essential matters to promote diversity. The topics they will periodically consider include, for example, strategies to boost the presence of women in managerial posts; initiatives to showcase CaixaBanks diversity policies internally and externally; how to promote an inclusive culture within an organisation; identifying bias; and promoting initiatives for inclusion.

Gender equality: a strategic goal

As the end of FY 2021, 41.3% of executive positions were held by women, one of the highest percentages in the sector, and CaixaBank expects to close out 2022 at 41.6%. As part of its 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, the bank has set itself the goal of having women occupy 42% of executive posts in 2024.

In addition to the new advisory committee, the bank has various instruments and initiatives created to boost diversity, such as Wengage, a Group-wide project developed by people from every area of the organisation that relies on meritocracy and on promoting equal opportunity. Wengage includes initiatives to promote diversity, such as women mentoring women, through which the female executives at the Group advise other women on their careers. Wengage also implements external activities for customers and for society intended to promote diversity and equal opportunity in several areas: leadership and entrepreneurship, innovation and education, sport and rural settings.

In addition, CaixaBank has an Equality Plan to promote the principles of equal opportunity and the diversity of work teams, to enhance the presence of women in managerial positions, and to reinforce measures to balance personal and professional life. The plan features the scope of gender in managerial development programmes and in recruitment and training processes, and the fostering of teleworking and flexibility.

The companys Board of Directors also boasts one of the highest ratios on the IBEX35, with 40% of the directors being women.

Acknowledging the commitment to diversity

In addition to being recognised by the Bloomberg Equality Index, CaixaBank has earned significant accolades in the field of equality, such as the Equality in the Company Seal, managed by the Instituto de la Mujer, and the Family-Friendly Certificate presented by the Msfamilia Foundation. It has received recognition elsewhere, such as for the 25th anniversary of the FEDEPE Award (the Spanish Federation of Female Managers, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs). Furthermore, in 2020 the Fundacin para la Diversidad granted CaixaBank the award for the best practice of a major corporation for its diversity programme Wengage. In addition, CaixaBank ranks first in Spain in the 2021 EWoB Gender Diversity index. It is also part of the new IBEX Gender Equality Index.

CaixaBank is associated with the international programme Target Gender Equality and the Womens Empowerment Principles, of the United Nations; and the Diversity Charter, promoting equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory measures. It is also a member of Closingap, the cluster that studies the economic impact of gender gaps in Spain.

It is also one of the entities associated with the STEAM Alliance for Female Talent Girls on the Science Stand, an initiative led by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to promote STEAM careers in girls and young women.

The banks commitment extends to all the Group companies. As a result, CaixaBank Asset Management has been recognised as a European leader in gender diversity for the second year in a row, and as the Asset Manager with the best gender representation for the first time in the category of firms with 20-50 managers at Citywire magazines Gender Diversity Awards.

CaixaBank participates in Alstom’s €12.7 billion sustainability-linked syndicated guarantee facility

Commitment to sustainable finance in France


This strategic facility is aligned with Alstoms ESG policy enabling the decarbonization of the transport sector by reducing CO2 emissions.

Over the past four years, the CaixaBank Paris branch has increased its activity and long-term commitment to the country as a result of obtaining a banking licence, which brings it closer to its customers, provides it with greater operational agility and enables it to make a greater contribution to the French economy.

CaixaBank, Spains leading bank, has participated in Alstoms 12.7bn syndicated guarantee facility.

This strategic facility is aligned with Alstoms ESG policy of enabling the decarbonization of the transport sector by reducing CO2 emissions.

The transaction demonstrates CaixaBanks capacity to support the large French corporates through its Paris branch.

Alstom, a global leader in manufacturing of transport infrastructure, has also a strong presence in Spain, including through its Santa Perptua manufacturing site and significant contracts with Renfe, the Spanish national rail company

CaixaBanks French branch

CaixaBank obtained its French branch licence in 2018, through which it provides foreign trade and corporate banking services to French or multinational corporates in their operations in France and internationally, as well as to Spanish companies operating in, or with interests in France.

Over the past four years, the CaixaBank branch in Paris has trebled its staff and increased its activity and long-term commitment to the country. In addition to obtaining a banking licence, it has assembled a highly qualified team, which gives the bank greater proximity to clients, operational agility and enables it to make a greater contribution to the French economy. The French branch has been especially active between in renewable energy project finance.

CaixaBank, a European benchmark in sustainability

CaixaBanks sustainability initiatives focus on promoting the energy transition of companies and society as a whole, including the development of solutions for individuals focusing on and sustainable mobility and housing, and the promotion of investments with ESG criteria.

Within the framework of the new 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, CaixaBank aims to mobilise 64 billion in sustainable financing, through the promotion of various initiatives focused on product offerings, ESG advice, awareness-raising and training.

CaixaBank was the leading bank in sustainable finance in Europe during the first half of 2022, according to Refinitiv rankings, which placed CaixaBank in the top position of the EMEA Top Tier Green & ESG-Linked Loans ranking.

About Alstom

Leading societies to a low carbon future, Alstom develops and markets mobility solutions that provide the sustainable foundations for the future of transportation. Alstoms product portfolio ranges from high-speed trains, metros, monorails and trams, to integrated systems, customised services, infrastructure, signalling, and digital mobility solutions. Alstom has 150,000 vehicles in commercial service worldwide.

About CaixaBank

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in Spain with an asset volume of 675.8 billion, making it the largest bank in the domestic market, and one of the leading banks in Europe. CaixaBank also has a strong presence in Portugal, where it controls 100% of BPI.

The Group has 20 million customers, the largest branch and ATM network in Spain and Portugal, and it is the leader in digital banking with 11 million digital clients.

CaixaBank grants FRV a line of green guarantees amounting to €40 million

-This line of guarantees will enable FRV to develop projects with a positive impact on the environment.

-The funding reinforces CaixaBank’s credentials as a leader in the innovation and service diversification to advance sustainable financing solutions.


CaixaBank has granted Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), the world’s leading developer of sustainable energy solutions, part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, a line of green guarantees amounting to €40 million. This green facility will be available for one year, with an option for renewal, and will enable FRV to develop projects with a positive impact on the environment, as well as improve its financial flexibility.

This financing operation further highlights FRV’s commitment towards advancing the sustainability of its business. Javier Huergo, Chief Investment Officer at FRV, stated, “This agreement will allow us to continue to promote access to renewable energies through solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. This is an important development which will contribute to improving the energy system’s performance with a significantly cleaner and more competitive energy supply.”

FRV plans to invest $1.5 billion in doubling its total installed capacity and thus substantially exceed 4 GW by 2024. It will do so through employing new business models and leveraging innovative technologies, such as green hydrogen and batteries.

This operation is another example of CaixaBank’s innovation and is underpinned by its diversification plan, under which the bank seeks to adapt sustainable financing solutions to transaction banking products most used by companies. In 2021, CaixaBank completed 15 sustainable  transaction banking operations, distributing €4.2 billion to companies in various sectors through pioneering solutions in reverse factoring, factoring, guarantee lines, and others.

CaixaBank, committed to sustainability

CaixaBank has a steadfast  commitment to sustainability. Through its activities, the Bank is supporting environmentally friendly initiatives and projects that contribute to preventing and mitigating climate change and encourage the transition to a low-carbon economy and social development.

In 2021, the bank mobilised €31.4 billion in sustainable financing, representing a 150% increase in the volume of sustainable financing year on year. 

At the end of Q1 2022, CaixaBank was the 6th European bank  and the number one Spanish bank in green and sustainable loans according to Refinitiv’s League Tables Top Tier by volume.

FRV, from developer to independent power producer

FRV, part of Abdul Latif Jameel Energy, is a global leader in the development of renewable energy. Seeking to continue to lead the global transition towards a more sustainable energy future, FRV has evolved from being a pure developer to an independent power producer.

FRV aims to become one of the main green energy and infrastructure platforms worldwide. To achieve this, the company plans to invest more than $1.5 billion in doubling its total installed capacity from 2 GW in 2021 to 4 GW by 2024.