BlueOcean Announces BlueScore API: A Realtime and Historical Service for Financial Institutions Seeking Sentiment Analysis Data for the Stock Market

BlueOcean, a leading brand intelligence platform, today announced a public market brand data API that enables financial institutions to unlock real-time consumer and brand sentiment which will launch later this year. Private equity firms, hedge funds and other financial institutions can leverage BlueScore API for always-on insights to outmaneuver competitors still tethered to conventional market analysis tools. BlueOcean already manages brand for more than $18 trillion worth of stock value for Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Google, Bloomingdale’s, Alen Air, Cisco, Alteryx, Juniper Networks, and others. 

Similar to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), the BlueScore API enables financial institutions to continuously track specified baskets of underlying investment categories such as food and beverage, automotive, healthcare, energy, computer software, CPG brands and many others.

With the rise of social-driven investing, financial firms are looking for companies favored by everyday consumers and investors, a trend validated by the massive growth of the VanEck Vectors® Social Sentiment ETF (BUZZ), an ETF that tracks viral stock conversations. Similarly, BlueOcean’s BlueScore API is enabling financial firms of all sizes to access real time consumer sentiment data on publicly traded companies to make better financial decisions.

An API For Investment Decisions 

BlueOcean uses an automated approach to analyze hundreds of data sources including social media platforms, business and financial data, forums and review sites, website traffic and more against proprietary algorithms to help financial institutions:

  • Evaluate brand data and consumer sentiment continuously

  • Better predict market shifts before they happen

  • Confidently understand where and when to allocate investment resources

  • Track the moves of competitors and make informed decisions   

“Data without context is just noise,” said BlueOcean Co-Founder Grant McDougall. “Financial institutions can achieve greater agility and know exactly how to respond to shifting market conditions without paying a million dollars per seat for static data. With BlueScore we’re uniquely positioned to predict company value and the underlying drivers of growth.”

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BlueOcean Launches AI-Driven Brand Navigator To Arm Companies With Always-On Brand Strategy And Instant Answers

BlueOcean today launched Brand Navigator, a powerful AI-driven brand strategy platform that enlightens companies with always-on answers about their respective brand strategies and positioning. Brand Navigator strengthens companies with continuous brand insights and actionable guidance to outmaneuver less nimble competitors.

“BlueOcean has become an amazing resource as we continue to sharpen our ability to monitor, understand and act through the lens of brand across all of our commercial offerings,” said Tim Hoppin, Director Brand Strategy at Microsoft. “We’re excited to work closely with BlueOcean and use their tools and expertise to strengthen our relationship with the millions of global customers we connect with daily.”

Tapping into AI for Always-On Brand Answers

Brand Navigator is the first brand strategy platform to harness the power of AI to instantly provide brands with the answers needed to continually improve their brand positioning. There are no lengthy data integrations required. BlueOcean uses an automation-first approach to analyze hundreds of data sources against proprietary algorithms to inform its insights and recommendations, which include: 

  • Holistic brand tracking and reporting for customers and their competitors in real-time

  • Quantifiable prioritization of a company’s next big action(s) from the C-Suite down, including for marketing, product leaders, and channel owners

  • A data ecosystem that helps drive brand performance – creative, media, messaging, engagement, and revenue dynamics

“It’s time for companies to take a stand against rampant waste and inefficiency by truly seizing control of their brands’ destinies,” said BlueOcean Co-Founder Grant McDougall. “Brands can achieve greater agility and know exactly how to respond to shifting market conditions in real-time, without the gouging of expensive consultancies or the devastating delays.”

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About BlueOcean 

BlueOcean provides brand strategy as a service to deliver actionable recommendations, always-on tracking and features such as Automated Insights. Using its proprietary AI-powered strategy engine, BlueOcean mines, analyzes and triangulates hundreds of data sources to arm brands with insights into how to unlock growth relative to competitors with strategic marketing recommendations that can be acted on immediately to drive overall brand equity and health. The company’s customers include Microsoft, Panda Express, Bose, Cisco, Smirnoff, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. To learn more, go to: