“Living Behind The Mask” – Encouraging Spiritual Growth From Its Readers


With how the world is today with the pandemic raging on in different parts of the world, people would be hard-pressed to find ways to keep their sanity and check and avoid going over the metaphorical edge of one’s mind, as the pandemic can both be a blessing in disguise for some as through the isolation and the quarantines people can develop their bonds with family members and lovers.

Tammie Williams’s “Living Behind the Mask,” a retelling of her experiences in the year 2020, was one such case of this incident being a blessing. She relates each encounter not in chronological order, but rather in an order that shows its impact on her life.

Reading about the author’s experiences, and her revelation of God’s guidance in her life, fills hearts with warmth and excitement, as it symbolizes that even when the world is in chaos, God will always be there to guide us towards our destined paths in life, making this one of the more enjoyable reading experiences.

Living Behind The Mask: 2020 a Year Like No Other

Written by: Tammie R Williams

Kindle: $2.99

Paperback: $5.00

Grab a copy of a book that offers the tale of one woman’s life-changing experience whilst in the beginning stages of the pandemic of the modern era, learn of her experiences by purchasing a said copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoToPublish.

About the Author

Tammie Williams, the author, met her Lord and Savior when she was eight years old while watching a Billy Graham Crusade on television. Ted, her spouse, has been her husband for 37 years. They have three beautiful daughters Bridget, Andrea, and Kara. She has seven grandchildren and two sons-in-law who share life with her. Tammie has also been a teacher of math for 39 years.

Meet the Creators Behind the Assassin’s Creed Stories

Following the announcement of Assassin’s Creed Publishing and Transmedia content line-up in April, tune-in to meet the teams behind Assassin’s Creed Stories. Dive into this behind-the-scenes video and learn more about the writing and editing process!

Assassin’s Creed: Stories Livestream

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Community Manager Daniel St. Germain interviews Etienne Bouvier, Transmedia Content Manager, and Aymar Azaizia, Transmedia and Business Development Director, to get an inside look at Ubisoft’s Publishing and Transmedia organization.

We invited the authors and editors behind several Assassin’s Creed works: Freddye Miller, editor of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Song of Glory at Dark Horse; Robin Jolly, editor of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla graphic novel at Glénat Editions; and Gwendolyn Nix from Aconyte, in charge of the whole range of Assassin’s Creed novels to be published starting in 2022.

On the author side, we will get insight on the writing process from Elsa Sjunneson, writer of the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Sword of the White Horse novel and Olivier Gay, who wrote the Assassin’s Creed Fragments – Aizu’s Blade young adult novel.

Join us above to discovers the people and the stories behind our books ! More on the publishing line up on : http://assassinscreed.com/stories

What is Behind MobilityGuru’s Technology?

London, England, 19 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Quite possibly one of the most fascinating factors when it comes to MobilityGuru is the fact that it will create its own API when it comes to classified partners and as such, this means that they will have the ability to list their offering on the MobilityGuru platform with a single click.

Note that there will be no charges that are attached to the placing of ads on the MobilityGuru platform, however, there will be certain cases where there will be transaction fees when it comes to sellers and the funds that are generated from the transaction fees will be used to facilitate the development as well as the maintenance of the platform and as such it will reward users and partners. The fee structure will ultimately be outlined in a way through which both the buyers and sellers will have positive outcomes, and this, in turn, will facilitate the use MobilityGuru and its token in order to perform transactions on the platform, where the transaction fees will be lower than what is currently charged for credit cards or online platform payments.

There will also be opportunities for advertisers or sellers that can accept premium positions for their products, and this will create a means of generating funds to enhance the development as well as the growth of the MobilityGuru initiative.

Another interesting aspect about all of this is the fact that there will be rewards as well as giveaways to some of the most faithful users of the platform and as such, this will provide enough funds that will go into the development of the platform. The reward, however, will be in the form of a MobilityGuru token and the users with the highest number of transactions will be appropriately rewarded for their loyalty.

The team behind the MobilityGuru project has the intention of implementing their own smart chain for all of the token holders and for the payment systems. Most token transfer systems are costly due to high cost of gas fees associated with the Ethereum blockchain. The platform that MobilityGuru if using such method would make small advertising transaction uneconomical. Will have thousands of small transactions and as such it will make it costly to run, for all of the parties that are involved.

To facilitate a near-zero transaction cost method, the Token MobilityGuru uses will migrate using their own smart chain, which is an independent blockchain smart contract using the Antara composer.

All of the ERC-20 MobilityGuru tokens can be swapped for this new smart chain token, where a 5% bonus will be paid in the new smart chain MobilityGuru tokens,  based on the market value at that time. This means that your future MobilityGuru tokens will be tradable with your own personal wallet.

The recommended wallet will be AutomicDEx which can be downloaded from all apps stores so or they can even be transferred to a centralised exchange when it comes to trading or keeping them in the wallet for payment purposes. When it comes to the token swap, it will be finalized within one year after completing the EIO process. This will be the most cost-effective transfer system on a global scale.