Hong Kong – CE arrives at Hainan to attend Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference (with photos/video)

CE arrives at Hainan to attend Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference (with photos/video)


     The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, arrived at Hainan this afternoon (March 29) to attend the dinner event of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023 and meet with leaders of the Hainan Province. He also visited local medical tourism facilities to understand the participation of Hong Kong-funded enterprises in Hainan’s medical projects.

     Upon arrival in Hainan, Mr Lee and the delegation first visited the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone (the Pilot Zone), which was established with the approval of the State Council in 2013. The Pilot Zone focuses on the development of international medical tourism-related industries including licensed medical treatment, health management and care rehabilitation. Mr Lee toured a medical equipment exhibition and the Boao Super Hospital which operates under an innovative model. He also visited Hainan Deya Hospital, the first hospital in the Pilot Zone with investment from Hong Kong enterprises.

     Mr Lee was pleased to learn that a number of projects in the Pilot Zone involving Hong Kong enterprises are under construction or planning, representing vast business opportunities in Hainan for Hong Kong enterprises and the contributions made by Hong Kong’s professional services sector to the development of Hainan’s “medical special zone”.

     In the evening, Mr Lee attended a dinner event hosted by the Boao Forum for Asia. After the dinner event, Mr Lee met with the Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and the Governor of the Hainan Province, Mr Feng Fei. Mr Feng expressed his warm welcome to Mr Lee and his delegation, as well as his sincere gratitude to Hong Kong’s full support to the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port. He said Hainan attached great importance to its co-operation with Hong Kong, and that the exchange and collaboration between the two places have been well established in recent years and could provide broad prospects. Mr Feng said he looked forward to the two places’ full utilisation of their complementary advantages, the enhancement of their exchange and co-operation mechanism, and the development of a Hainan-Hong Kong economic co-operation development pilot zone. He also expressed the aspiration to accelerate co-operation in such fields as professional services, medical care, tourism, retail, and investment and talent attraction, and promote Hong Kong youths’ innovation and entrepreneurship endeavours in Hainan, with a view to deepen and consolidate the co-operation between Hainan and Hong Kong.

     Noting that the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference is held fully physically this year, Mr Lee said that he is pleased to participate in this major annual event in Hainan in person. He also said that the rich experience and international connectivity of professional sectors in Hong Kong could facilitate Hainan to develop a free trade port. The HKSAR Government is willing to co-operate with the People’s Government of Hainan Province to actively explore relevant measures in promoting exchanges and development of Hong Kong professional services sector and youths in Hainan in order to achieve a win-win situation.

     An initiative on global free trade zone partnership was announced in the Global Free Trade Ports Development Forum at the Boao Forum for Asia this morning. The initiative aims at promoting further co-operation among free trade zones (ports) in the world. Mr Lee said that the HKSAR supports and participates in the initiative to jointly promote the interplay between domestic and international markets and resources while highlighting Hong Kong’s role as a strong supporter of trade and investment liberalisation.

     Mr Lee will attend the opening plenary of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023 as well as the Boao Forum for Asia and Hainan Provincial Government Joint Welcome Dinner, and continue his visit in Hainan tomorrow (March 30).

Mango Home Arrives in the United States

Its homeware line is now available in 32 markets and this is the first time it will be sold outside Europe.

Mango Home’s entrance in the United States is part of the expansion plan that Mango is implementing in the country.

Mango Home was created in 2021 to satisfy its customers’ demand for homeware products.

Barcelona – WEBWIRE

Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is entering the United States homeware market.Through Mango Home, the company’s homeware essentials line, the company has added to the American version of its website the sale of its textile products for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room, as well as other items for the main rooms of the home.

With its launch in North America, this is the first time its Home line has gone on sale outside Europe, and Mango Home is now available in 32 markets. Until now, it has been on sale mainly via its online platform Mango.com in markets such as Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Denmark, among others.

“Entering the United States homeware market is a significant step forward in our strategy to diversify our business, and at the same time strengthen our international expansion plan in one of the most strategic markets for the company”, Laura Vila, Mango Home Director, points out.

Throughout 2022, Mango Home aims at consolidating its brand in markets where it is already present, especially Europe and the United States.In Spain, its biggest market, the line will open new corners in some of Mango’s key stores.

As part of its commitment towards sustainability, Mango Home plans to increase the percentage of sustainable items manufactured in local markets in its collection.At present, 80% of the Home collection is considered sustainable and 65% of its items are manufactured in nearby countries.

Mango launched Home in 2021 to satisfy its customers’ demand for homeware products.The homeware line of products and items currently includes close to one thousand textile items and objects, featuring natural textiles, relaxed colours and sustainable materials inspired by Mediterranean culture and lifestyle.  

Mango in the United States

The launch of Mango Home in the United States homeware market is part of the expansion plan the company is implementing in the country. 

Mango has been present in the United States since 2006. The company strengthened its commitment to the North American market in late 2017 with the refurbishment of the SoHo store and with the agreement with Macy’s in 2019 to accelerate the firm’s online growth in the country.

In 2021, Mango opened four new stores in the country, specifically in the Menlo Park and American Dream shopping centres, both in New Jersey, and in the Roosevelt Field shopping centre in New York and the Dadeland shopping centre in Miami, Florida.

Between 2022 and 2024 the company will continue its expansion plan in the country, in order to position the brand in the North American market.During the first half of this year, Mango will open a new 2,100 m2 flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, one of the city’s main streets.

Mango is one of Europe’s leading fashion companies, with design, creativity and technology at the centre of its business model, and a strategy based on constant innovation, the search for sustainability and a complete ecosystem of channels and partners.Founded in Barcelona in 1984, the company closed 2021 with a turnover of 2.234 billion euros, with 42% of its business originating from its online channel and with a presence in over 110 markets. More information at www.mango.com

JJW Fine Arts Arrives in Sedona

 Private fine arts consultant John J. Willard has relocated from Southern California to Sedona, Arizona. JJW Fine Arts showcases top top tier contemporary, estate and museum quality works of art from around the world. JJW Fine Arts deals directly exclusively with an elite clientele since 2006.

All official events, exhibits, acquisitions, representations and press will be released at JJW Fine Arts.

“I am thrilled to bring the great world of fine art into a community I truly love! Sedona is a spectacular part of the world. In the years forth coming, I see jjw fine arts can be one of the largest art dealers in the Southwest Region,” John J. Willard comments on the relocation.

For further information, contact:

JJW Fine Arts @ Gmail

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