KellyAnne Alexander is The New iPOP! Fashion Show Choreographer

 iPOP! is proud to add KellyAnne Alexander to the iPOP! family. Kellyanne started producing her fashion shows during the pandemic and launched her show called Models Talk on KellyAnneFashion TV. Her show showcases celebrities, entertainers, actors, designers, and models and is geared to inspire those breaking into the fashion industry, as well as seasoned fashion industry veterans.

Kellyanne has embraced all aspects of the industry, from being a designer in boutiques, spas, and salons, to working with big-name designers and models.

About iPOP!
iPop! promotes emerging talent to leading agents, managers, casting directors, and music industry professionals. Approaching its 20th year, iPOP! is held in Los Angeles every winter and summer. Performers attend from over 30 different countries. At the event, they work with industry experts and participate in competitions in front of the many agents and managers who are looking for the stars of tomorrow.

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Alexander Bojer is appointed new CEO of Inacta AG as of January 2023

The Board of Directors of Inacta Group AG (“Inacta”) has elected Alexander Bojer as a new member of Inacta’s group management. He joins Ralf Glabischnig and Marco Bumbacher on the management team from 1 January 2023.

Alexander Bojer

As CEO of Inacta AG, Alexander will continue to drive forward Inacta’s core operating businesses of consulting and product development. Ralf Glabischnig will focus on the further growth of Inacta Ventures and take care of the overall development of the group. Marco Bumbacher will continue to manage the corporate functions of the Inacta Group and act as COO of Inacta AG.

Founded in 2009 by Marco Bumbacher and Ralf Glabischnig, Inacta AG is an expert partner for digital transformation and innovation. Leading Swiss companies rely on Inacta’s digitalisation know-how and products. For the past five years, Inacta has additionally focussed on blockchain and related areas of innovation, where it plays a pioneering role.

Inacta Ventures is the Inacta Group’s own venture-building structure that identifies new business models, designs business models and transfers them into its own start-ups or joint ventures. At the end of 2021, Inacta included 15 majority-owned companies and more than 40 minority-owned companies. In addition, expansion into the Middle East was pursued and a new investment company, Crypto Oasis Sentio, was founded in Dubai, which has already made over 30 investments in start-ups.

From 2002 to 2013, Alexander Bojer held a number of roles, including as a management consultant at Accenture and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Since 2014, he has co-founded several technology start-ups and was most recently responsible for building the health start-up, Well Gesundheit, AG as its CEO.

Alexander Bojer says, “I am very much looking forward to shaping the great success story of Inacta together with the two founders, the board of directors, the management team and all employees.”

Ralf Glabischnig says, “With these new structures we have the right people in key positions to continue to successfully drive the Inacta Group forward. Thanks to this new management organisation I have the opportunity to focus even more on strengthening and growing Inacta Ventures at home and abroad.”

Daniel Sauter, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inacta Group AG: “With Alexander, we have been able to gain a competent and experienced CEO. With his broad expertise as an entrepreneur and consultant, he will further advance our core business of consulting services and product development.”

About Inacta Group

Inacta Group stands out from its peers with its innovative services and products related to digital transformation, blockchain-based business models and information management and is involved in the international venture business with offices in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. The Inacta Group emerged from the fast-growing Inacta AG – an independent Swiss IT company founded in Zug in 2009. It owns stakes in international start-ups and service providers with a focus on blockchain, digital assets, fintech and artificial intelligence.

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Canada – Canada and the Alexander First Nation reach settlement agreement on Trust Account Claim

Today, Chief George Arcand Jr. and the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, announced that the Alexander First Nation and the Government of Canada have reached a settlement on the First Nation’s Trust Account Claim.

March 4, 2022 — Alexander First Nation, Treaty Six Territory, Alberta — Crown–Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Today, Chief George Arcand Jr. and the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, announced that the Alexander First Nation and the Government of Canada have reached a settlement on the First Nation’s Trust Account Claim. This settlement resolves a historical grievance for the community and will rebuild trust between Canada and the Alexander First Nation.

The specific claim concerns Canada’s management of the Alexander First Nation’s trust accounts – including certain expenditures made from those accounts, dating between 1905 to 1950. The Government of Canada failed to manage some of these expenditures which were, upon review, found to be incorrect and are now being compensated to the First Nation. In the settlement agreement, Canada will provide $7,470,269 in compensation to the Alexander First Nation.

Honouring Canada’s legal obligations to Indigenous Peoples and working to renew Government-to-Government relationships is key to advancing reconciliation in Canada.

“With this settlement agreement, we acknowledge Canada’s role in this historical grievance. We will continue working together, building trust and working with Alexander First Nation for a better tomorrow. Thank you to Chief George Arcand Jr. on this historic milestone!”

The Honourable Marc Miller

Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations

“The Alexander First Nation commends Canada for their commitment to rectifying historic wrongs, including on our Trust Accounting Claim, and we look forward to advancing our relationship in a mutually respectful way as was intended under our sacred Treaty 6.”

Chief George Arcand Jr.

Alexander First Nation

Renelle Arsenault

Director of Communications

Office of the Honourable Marc Miller

Minister of Crown–Indigenous Relations

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Alexander Danny Joyeux Discusses the Dangers of Living a Sedentary Lifestyle in His Book “Diabetic Denial: The Long Journey Home”

Alexander Danny Joyeux was previously mired in the labyrinth of an unhealthy lifestyle, a foolhardy attitude, and, eventually, an incurable sickness. In a book about his challenges and strategies for surviving type 2 diabetes, he calls for vigilance, and encouragement. His memoir, “Diabetic Denial: The Long Journey Home,” is presented by Joyeux.
Diabetes is a long-term medical condition in which blood sugar (glucose) levels increase. Insulin is a hormone generated by the pancreas that helps glucose flow from the circulation into our cells, where it is used for energy. The cells in people with type 2 diabetes don’t respond to insulin as well as they should. As the disease worsens, the body may be unable to produce enough insulin. High blood glucose levels caused by uncontrolled type 2 diabetes can produce a range of symptoms as well as deadly adverse effects.
“Diabetic Denial” is a motivational and inspirational memoir about diabetes and how it affects the patient. Joyeux, who was previously endangered by his poor choices, has come out to provide awareness of the conditions under which a person may get diabetes and how denial can lead to more detrimental situations. The illness has long-term harmful consequences. On the other hand, it can be prevented if the patient commits to a healthy lifestyle. And with the help of their friends and family, they may achieve stability. The book also includes nutritious meals that, if followed consistently, will assist in the patient’s rehabilitation.
“I hope my story will aid in the awareness and commitment in combatting this issue. I want all to know you are not alone in this struggle, as it requires a lifetime of ups and downs in the pursuit of regulating a healthy lifestyle. Millions find it hard to combat and feel as though life dealt them some bad fate, but I am here to tell it was not so. I hope my story inspires you to make the changes that are necessary, so you can live a full productive and as natural a life as any other human being on the planet,” Joyeux writes.
Buy the book at:
Diabetic Denial: The Long Journey Home
Author: Alexander Danny Joyeux
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: August 2021
Book Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting › Diseases & Physical Ailments
About the Author:
Alexander D Joyeux born in the City of laborie, Saint Lucia: a tiny island nation in the West Indies, formerly a British Colony, came to America at two years of age, raised in Daly City, CA. Father of two daughters, works as a network engineer for Avaya, Graduate of Golden Gate University; awarded Masters of Science in Information Technology Management and Concentration in HealthCare Management.