“After the attack, the whole world heard about us”

Vitalii Bodnar, the founder of the BTC-Alpha cryptovirus, gave an interview after the launch of the full work of the platform. Let’s remind you that in early November, the exchange was hacked – the hackers compromised the users’ data, but failed to recover the funds. The attempted break-in was accompanied by surveillance, death threats, pressure on the team and Vitaly personally.

BTC-Alpha is the first international cryptoculture with Ukrainian roots. In its five years of existence, no one has been able to find a loophole and crack the platform. And according to Vitalii Bodnar, it hasn’t succeeded now.

“Some of the employees’ computers have been infected. Not by the Internet, physically. So there was physical contact and the staff didn’t even understand it. There’s a lot of espionage information coming up right now that we’re checking. The hackers themselves confirmed to us that they didn’t hack us through the code, there was no intricate loophole. It worked through the human factor. Of course, after that, I started to treat staff security differently, to select staff for work”.

According to Bodnar, the platform team has completely revised the entire code, started the servers and enhanced security measures. Despite the serious damage to his reputation, most major partners became even more loyal to the exchange.

“They loved what we did in an emergency. We got a lot of praise, that’s my team’s praise. There were times when we left the office at 3-4:00 A.M., and then came back at 8-9:00 A.M. In the first 24 hours after the launch, there was a full house, we first included the output, and then the deposits. We wanted to give people the opportunity to withdraw their funds. Today there is no panic, people are selling coins. It will take a month to recover. And then there will be growth, because the whole world is talking about us. A lot of people liked the way we handled the situation. We did everything possible and even a little more” noted Vitaly Bodnar. The BTC-Alpha team is gradually returning to expand the jurisdiction of the platform. The attempted break-in tied hands for weeks, but right now, work on getting a US license is going at double speed.

“This is a very important issue – the US jurisdiction opens up the world to us. We are open to all proposals and continue negotiations with Ukraine. Ukraine is a dignified country, which should be in the top ten on all fronts in the era of digitalization.
We are in contact with Cyprus on regulatory issues, and we are continuing our work with Turkey. Before this situation, we had talks with First Assistant President Erdoğan on the launching of the Turkish Mission. Yes, our arrangements have suffered considerable damage, but there is nothing irreparable”.

BTC-Alpha team continues to work on security enhancements and I intend to return to the top of the safest cryptograph. Conclusions have done, the lesson have learned.

After Decades of Planning, Provalus Helps Deliver Municipal Water to the City of Brewton, Alabama

On behalf of the City of Brewton, Provalus is pleased to announce the installation of a new water supply for the community.  In part from the influx of jobs created by Provalus, the team behind the city is now able to accomplish this 20+ year goal.  City officials said the improvement comes as a direct result of the Provalus project in the city’s downtown area.

The new 200-gallon water tank will provide water for areas of the community that have never had municipal water. The project is expected to support the expansion of new businesses and residences for the entire area. The installation is underway and should be completed by July.

The Provalus team selected Brewton as the headquarters of its operations in 2017, anticipating growth to hundreds of employees. Currently, the impact outsourcing I.T. services firm has more than 120 Alabama-based employees. Construction on a $6.5 million facility to house the workforce is well underway.

Laura Chevalier, President of Provalus, commented, “We are so grateful to see the tangible positive impact we are having on the community of Brewton.  The additional jobs Provalus is creating along with the enhanced livelihood of our teams make our efforts so fulfilling. Our mission has always been to change lives and we’re excited for the legacy Provalus is leaving for this entire Alabama community.”

Mayor Yank Lovelace said, “We have had multiple independent studies showing an economic impact of more than $18 million annually.  We have directly been awarded more than $10 million from state and federal agencies ear-marked for this project. The water tank and some sewer improvements downtown are part of that benefit.”  Funding came from the state’s Economic Development Authority, Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and Delta Regional Authority.

“We look forward to growing a thriving retail center near the Provalus headquarters,” Lovelace added.