Transport Department alerts public to fraudulent SMS message of HKeToll


     The Transport Department (TD) today (July 10) alerted members of the public to fraudulent SMS message purportedly issued by the HKeToll. The SMS message spoofs the name of “HKeToll” and provides a hyperlink with the domain name (https://t[.]ly/HKetoll) to a fake HKeToll website, which seeks to deceive recipients into making payments and obtain their credit card information.

     The TD clarifies that the SMS message was not issued by the HKeToll and has referred the case to the Police for follow-up. Members of the public are reminded that the HKeToll will not send SMS messages or emails to vehicle owners with hyperlinks which direct them to the websites to carry out transactions. If a vehicle owner wishes to pay an outstanding toll online, they must log in to the HKeToll website ( or mobile app.

     Members of the public should stay alert when receiving unidentified messages. They should not visit suspicious websites and disclose any personal information. Anyone who has provided their personal information to the websites concerned should contact the Police. For enquiries about the HKeToll, please call 3853 7333.