Mangan Software Solutions is proud to announce the release of SLM™ Version 2.5s14. In this release we made important updates to our SRS, Performance Targets, FSA Tools, SIS Audit Reports and User Reports.

Mangan Software Solutions is proud to announce the release of SLM™ Version 2.5s14 

This is a Sprint Release version of our award winning SLM™ Software.

🎥 Sprint 2.5s14 Video Release Notes 

  • Update Performance Target PFD to PFH when in Continuous Mode
  • SIF SLM Design SRS: LOPA PHA Data Display based on Risk Graph
  • FSA Self-Assessment Criteria Disable and Reporting
  • FSA Conformance Assessment Scoring Dynamic and Configurable
  • Port Over SIS Audit Printout report to Chromium Printout
  • Relief System Protection Equipment in Data Catalog
  • Update to SLM User Usage Report

In this sprint, we have introduced several significant enhancements and new features to improve the performance, usability, and reporting capabilities of our software.

Firstly, the Performance Target functionality has been updated to switch from PFD to PFH when in Continuous Mode, providing more accurate performance metrics. Additionally, the SIF SLM Design SRS now includes a feature for displaying LOPA PHA data based on the Risk Graph, facilitating better risk assessment and management.

We have also enhanced the FSA functionalities, including the ability to disable self-assessment criteria and generate reports, along with dynamic and configurable conformance assessment scoring, allowing for more tailored and precise evaluations. The SIS Audit Printout report has been ported over to the Chromium Printout, ensuring improved print quality and consistency.

We also fixed an issue with the Data Catalog and protection equipment for Relief Systems, Lastly, an update has been made to the SLM User Usage Report, providing users with more detailed and useful insights into software usage patterns.

At Mangan Software Solutions, we’re committed to excellence through agility. Our Agile software development process empowers us to rapidly enhance our products with new features and refinements that our valued customers need and request.  Our development sprints roll out new versions every month, continually evolving our software to meet our customers’ needs.

💡 Customer input drives our innovation. Have an idea for a feature or refinement in mind? We’re all ears! Share your thoughts with us at, and let’s make it happen in a future Sprint!

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