This surveillance provides local authorities with photographic evidence of fraud, particularly useful in the case of PIP claimants who are perfectly healthy or those claiming single person benefits, and background checks reveal an individual’s past claims to determine any falsified accounts. With this information, local authorities are able to find and prosecute fraudsters. Bond Rees’ careful investigations also aim to reveal where suspected fraud cases may be caused by system errors or ignorance on a claimants part.

As UKs top private investigative agency, Bond Rees specialises in a wide range of covert operations and tracing services for private and corporate clients, including counter surveillance, debtor and asset tracing, and data recovery. Weve built a strong team of detectives here at Bond Rees who are all trained to the highest standards, said founder, Aaron Bond. We have the skills and experience necessary to assist local councils and insurance companies with the rising cases of fraud in the UK and were proud of the work we have pulled off so far.

Bond Rees are dedicated to client confidentiality and ensure that all investigations are ethically conducted and undertaken in accordance with GDPR laws and regulations. They will never reveal client information without consent.

About Bond Rees: Bond Rees is a national organisation with offices across the UK. Clients looking for discreet, professional and affordable private investigative services turn to Bond Rees for their services. Their reputation for highly efficient and effective investigative work has established them as one of the leading private investigation companies in the UK.