HOGR, a food discovery app that simplifies what to eat and where to eat, has taken its next step offline with the successful launch of the Xplore travel series. With Xplore, HOGR aims to introduce people to cuisines and cultures through unique experiences. HOGR sets its sights on uncovering hidden gems, feasting on the region’s tasty traditions, and building an even tighter-knit community of food lovers.


Dr. Chef Avin of Lavonne Cafe/Academy, Bangalore launched the pilot phase of HOGR Xplore in Kochi, spanning from June 6 to June 9, 2024. This four-day crossover of culture and cuisine made it a must-bite event for food lovers across the nation.


HOGR Xplore isn’t merely an event; it’s an extension of HOGR’s commitment to community-centric food discovery. Commenting on its launch, Jugul Thachery, Founder and CEO of HOGR, said, At HOGR, we see food as an adventure best shared with people around us. Food discovery isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. Our mission is to transform the very idea of social eating, and Xplore is an extension of this thought process.”

“Xplore is all about celebrating community, culture, and cuisine, making every meal an experience in itself. It is to make food discovery fair, fun, and accessible. Unlike other platforms, HOGR gives food lovers curated options upfront, turning every meal into an exciting surprise. The amazing response to our first-ever Xplore shows that we are on the right track and looking forward to curating many such experiences on the app and offline,” he added.

HOGR Xplore Kochi edition put forth delicious dishes, exclusive cooking demos, a boat cruise along mangroves and fish farms, and interesting conversations, all on one neat platter. Here’s what went on to make the celebration of culinary art and cultural richness come alive:

Day 1: The journey kicked off at the historic Old Harbour Hotel. From legendary bites at Fort Paragon to a vibrant food walk through Kochi’s streets, ending with Kerala tapas at Seagull by the sea.

Day 2: Started with the iconic Chinese fishing nets and breakfast at Kashi Art Cafe. Following a cooking demonstration by Mahima Simon, guests had an immersive experience at Lakshmi Menon’s palace before enjoying a three-course dinner.

Day 3: A day exploring royal history at Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple, a royal banana leaf Sadya, and a scenic boat cruise through the Kadamakudy Islands, ending with a seafood feast at Riverside Grill.

Day 4: Morning kayak adventure through Kadamakudy’s mangroves, concluding with a breakfast at Nihara Resort.

From toddy tappers to members of the royal family, with India’s finest foodie creators in attendance, Xplore served up a journey that delighted taste buds and sparked new connections. As a next step, Xplore is gearing up to explore new cities and beyond, promising more eating experiences and cultural discoveries for food lovers everywhere.