Titan Company Ltd., in collaboration with Himmotthan Society, announced a significant milestone in their joint effort to bring sustainable water solutions to the Tehri district of Uttarakhand. Under this initiative, trenches and percolation pits have been constructed across 60 villages, offsetting 126 million litres of water from an annual water deficit of 359 million litres through community participation. This project has not only increased per capita water availability from 17 to 55 litres per day but also helped reduce drudgery of women and children on an average by 3 hours daily, resulting an improved quality of life.

In response to the severe water crisis exacerbated by changing climatic conditions and the devastating Uttarakhand floods of 2013, Titan Company Ltd. partnered with Himmotthan, a Tata Trusts initiative, to solve these issues. Currently, Titan is supporting 60 villages in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand. One of the major components within the programme is “Water Next” – See Water through Climate Lens, which creates an ecosystem at the village level to gather insights of the natural resources present in the area, audit water and microclimate, and develop a water balance sheet of each village. Following this, the programme co-creates a matrix to address the water issues in a scientific and participatory manner. This is the first step towards creating Climate Resilient Himalayan Communities.

Sharing his views, Mr. C K Venkataraman, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited, said, “India is currently facing one of the most severe water crises in its history, with millions of people struggling to access clean and reliable water sources. Recognizing this urgent need, Titan Company Ltd. has been committing to addressing these challenges head-on through strategic partnerships and sustainable practices. Our collaboration with Himmotthan in the Tehri district is a testament to this commitment. By rejuvenating their traditional water resources and developing a climate resilient ecosystem for Himalayan Communities, we’ve not only alleviated water scarcity but also empowered women and transformed lives. At Titan, we believe that sustainable development is not just about addressing immediate needs but about creating a foundation for sustained outcomes.”

The initiative has had a profound impact on the daily lives of the women and children in these villages. With the reduced burden of water collection, women have been able to engage in meaningful employment, pursue education, and to be able to spend more time with their families. The increase in microclimate and soil moisture from 20% to 30% has also boosted crop production by enhancing the presence of pollinators, thus improving overall livelihoods.

Mr. N E Sridhar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Titan Company Limited, emphasized the program’s impact on community resilience, stating, “The success of the Himmotthan Water Program demonstrates the incredible potential of integrating local knowledge with sustainable practices. By enabling the women of Tehri district to take charge of their Natural resources, and water is utmost, we’ve seen a ripple effect that extends to education, health, and economic stability. This project is a powerful reminder that sustainable solutions must be inclusive and community-driven to create enduring change.”

To further illustrate the journey and success of the Himmotthan Water Program, Titan Company Ltd. has released a video on the occasion of World Environment Day that documents the transformation in Chamba village.