Police National Security Department mounts enforcement action


     The National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force today (May 28) arrested five women and a man (six persons in total), aged between 37 and 65, in various districts including Tai Lam Centre for Women, on suspicion of committing “Offences in Connection with Seditious Intention”, contravening Section 24 of the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance.

     In addition, the Police conducted searches at the residences of the five arrested persons with court warrants, and seized some items relevant to the case, including some electronic communication devices suspectedly used for publishing messages with seditious intention.

     Investigation revealed that a woman, remanded in custody, had exploited an upcoming sensitive date to repeatedly publish posts with seditious intention on a social platform anonymously with the assistance of the other five arrested persons since April 2024, with content provoking hatred towards the Central Authorities and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Judiciary, as well as inciting netizens to organise or participate in relevant illegal activities at a later stage.

     This was a law enforcement action taken by the Police in accordance with the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance. Offences in connection with seditious intention are very serious crimes, with a maximum penalty of up to seven years’ imprisonment. Those who intend to endanger national security should not have any delusion to evade police investigation by using anonymous means on the Internet. Members of the public must discern fact from fallacy and should not be misled by erroneous and twisted information, or even be incited to participate in illegal activities or acts that endanger national security.