Adena Power Unveils Innovative Sodium-Based Battery Technology to Meet U.S. Army’s Energy Storage Needs

Adena Power is proud to announce it has been awarded a U.S. Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the Energy Demand Reduction and Clean Energy Open Topic.  During the project, Adena will showcase the versatility and effectiveness of its safe and sustainable sodium-based battery technology in addressing the U.S. Army’s imperative for secure and resilient energy storage solutions.

Adena’s cutting-edge energy-dense cell architecture, coupled with a simplified battery design and efficient thermal management, enables the creation of a compact and scalable system that can be swiftly deployed across diverse operational environments. Notably, the raw materials utilized in Adena’s batteries are abundant within the United States, mitigating concerns associated with the scarcity of cobalt and lithium, which are crucial components of conventional Li-ion batteries.

“We see our energy storage product as an ideal dual-use technology,” says Dr. Neil Kidner, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Adena Power. “We are extremely grateful for this award. The project will enable us to demonstrate how we can address the energy challenges facing the Army.”

The Phase I project will focus on assessing the suitability of Adena’s turnkey energy storage solution for military microgrids and its ability to facilitate the charging of electrified transportation in challenging environments. Through this initiative, Adena aims to play a pivotal role in advancing national security objectives while driving sustainable progress in the field of energy storage.

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About the Army Applied SBIR Program:

The objectives of the Army Applied SBIR program are to ease the barriers that small businesses face in understanding the Army’s technical challenges, identifying customers within the complex Army ecosystems, and developing novel and relevant technology solutions to the Army.

About Adena Power:

Adena Power is an energy storage provider using U.S. raw materials and manufacturing to deliver sodium batteries to behind the meter commercial and industrial customers and utility markets. Adena understands Li-ion will only get us so far and that the market needs battery solutions that are safer, have a flexible duration, and, most of all, have a lower installed cost. Adena is in the demonstration phase of this IP-protected energy storage solution, with an engaged customer pipeline of over 100 MWh to be converted into POs with their first products in 2025.