TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and MUNICH, GERMANY, May 21, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – Autobrains, a disrupter in automotive artificial intelligence (AI) and Advanced Driver Safety Systems (ADAS), today announced their nomination, which will see Autobrains’ innovative software, Liquid AI, deployed in a new line of vehicles developed by a leading Chinese Electric Vehicle manufacturer. Production of these new vehicles is expected to begin during Q4, 2024.

Autobrains Announces Design Win for ADAS AI Solution in Chinese Electric VehicleAutobrains Announces Design Win for ADAS AI Solution in Chinese Electric Vehicle

Autobrains Announces Design Win for ADAS Solution Implementing Liquid AI in Chinese EV Expected to launch in Q4 2024, Autobrains’ new vehicle production features an advanced ADAS solution, harnessing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence

Autobrains has established the development of revolutionary AI solutions, including its flagship Liquid AI technology, which has been central to addressing the most complex challenges in today’s automotive AI landscape. While details of the partner remain confidential, the collaboration is set to redefine industry standards and accelerate the adoption of advanced driver-assistance systems across the automotive sector.

Igal Raichelgauz, Founder and CEO of Autobrains, commented, “Teaming up with a leading Chinese automotive player reinforces the exceptional performance and adaptability of our advanced AI systems. By integrating our cutting-edge technology with their robust manufacturing capabilities, we are creating a new paradigm shift for what AI in vehicles can achieve. Our shared commitment to innovation will help accelerate the adoption of AI-driven solutions, enhancing the driving experience and pushing the entire industry forward.”

Autobrains is set to redefine the future of driving in China and globally with its pioneering technology – known for its exceptional edge case detection, remarkably low power consumption, and for being hardware agnostic. This strategic partnership and implementation of Liquid AI technology into mass production exemplifies Autobrains’ commitment to global market expansion and underscores our relentless pursuit of innovation in the automotive sector.

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Autobrains is a leading AI company in the automotive industry. Autobrains invented and developed a paradigm-shifting AI technology: Liquid AI – backed by 250+ patents addressing autonomous driving challenges. Implementing this unique AI technology for ADAS applications disrupts the market with its unprecedented perception capabilities, low compute requirements, and agnosicity to sensors and SoCs. The company is backed by strategic investors including Temasek, Knorr-Bremse AG, BMW i Ventures, Toyota Ventures, VinFast, Continental AG, and Autel.

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