Move over, Middle-earth. There’s a new realm of fantasy brewing in the heart of Texas, courtesy of the powerhouse behind the Austin Action Fest & Market. This year, the organization renowned for high octane action films is venturing into uncharted territory with Chronicles of a Broken Path, a groundbreaking trilogy poised to redefine the fantasy genre.

“We’re incredibly proud to be a Texas-made production,” says Benjamin Nathanial Redic II, the creator of Chronicles of a Broken Path, better known as ‘The Violence Conductor’. “From our talented cast and crew, many of whom are homegrown Texans, to the stunning locations we’ll be filming across the state, this project is a love letter to the creativity and resilience that defines Texas.

The call for allies has been sent out and Texans are answering that call. Some of the best fight choreographers and stunt coordinators in Texas are offering their services to the project. Even the president of HAMAA, Historical African Martial Arts Association, Da’Mon Stith will be loaning his services to the organization. Along with Jeffery Johnson, Da’Mon operates Street Fourge Armoury which is the first ever Black owned armoury in the United States of it’s kind. They will be providing much of the weaponry for the project.

Chronicles of a Broken Path thrusts viewers into a world teetering on the brink of chaos. A once-unified realm now lies fractured, its fragments ruled by warring factions. As a mysterious prophecy unfolds, a fellowship of unlikely heroes emerges, each burdened by a past they must overcome to secure the future.

But, the trilogy isn’t just about dazzling visuals and epic storytelling; it’s about forging a path for the future of Texas filmmaking. This ambitious project requires the support of passionate fans and believers. That’s why they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign, offering a chance for everyone to be a part of this cinematic adventure.

“Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in high fantasy filmmaking.”

For more information head on over to the Chronicles Of A Broken Path page. And remember, the fate of the realm hangs in the balance.

Chronicles of a Broken Path LLC
Lord Benjamin N. Redic II
855-424-3456 x3


Lord Redic is ready for war.

An Award Winning Project

An Award Winning Project

The short film picked up multiple awards all over the world. We’re most proud of the action and fantasy laurels.

Behind the Scenes on Chronicles

The Femme Fatales arrive

Battle is joined

It's a Battle

Hard hits

Hard hits

Their stunt men put their bodies on the line for this project.


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