A DJ Punks NFT provides upcoming and established DJs and artists with networking opportunities, consultancy, and a tipping and bookings app. Members will have access to guest speakers, airplay, NFT creation and crowd funding, revenue share and a franchise opportunity, along with a decentralized record pool.

Producers, musicians and songwriters can collaborate, raise funds through fractional NFTs and gain access to venues.
In the future, NFT holders will receive airdrops and have the opportunity to farm.

We have chosen OrdinalsBot as our inscription partner, the same team that helped inscribe all 112k plus Runestones in collaboration with Leonidas NFT, said DJ L. They also brought you the French Montana and Ghostface Killah drops. They recently launched their token called Trio.
The DJ Punks website and Discord includes a Bitcoin guide for those new to crypto. Individuals have numerous guides to help them along the way in reference to collecting, creating and wallets.

DJ L launched the project to fill a gap in the market and create a community of like-minded people. Another goal was to share the wealth of contacts hes made working for Warner Music with new artists and DJs

I also wanted to onboard artists stuck in Web2 into Web3, said DJ L.
DJ Punks is for anyone in the music industry that wants to elevate their careers, increase their contacts, and take advantage of new and unique opportunities within Web3. It’s also beneficial for music fans around the globe that want to share in the DJ culture.

About DJ L
A marketing graduate with 20 years experience in the pensions industry, gained through working for Blue Chip companies (British Airways and Harrods) and in the City of London. He has 33 years in the music biz as a successful club, radio and wedding DJ (700 plus events). A nightclub promoter known for packing out clubs, he definitely knows how to draw a crowd. DJ L toured the whole of the UK, working with artists such as Sean Paul, Mark Ronson and Fabolous, while freelancing at Warner Music, Sony Music, Virgin Music, and the Nottinghill Carnival. A crypto enthusiast since 2017, he started building websites using Flash and Dreamweaver. His App Project management journey started in 2014. Connect with DJ Punks on Discord.