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Its your last chance to download Dorothy Cooks new #1 international best-selling book, Grow Your Authority: Lead with Confidence. It will be available in the Amazon store for free until the end of the day, April 19th.

Imagine: Its just three months from now and you stride into each day with a calm, powerful energy that attracts others to you, rather than repels them. As a leader, youre back in the drivers seat steering towards a job that fulfills you and fully uses your wisdom and capabilities. Youre crafting a new professional chapter, one thats balanced, healthy, and ready for new challenges.

In this book, Dorothy shows you her most effective strategies and techniques for mastering areas of self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, and other leadership issues. Through practical, real-life examples she shares how her coaching has helped others learn to lead from a place of true inner confidence.

For more than 30 years, Dorothy Cooks passion has been to help people Break Through whatever holds them back and to take both their lives and their leadership to a higher level no matter how successful they already are in the areas that matter.

Grow Your Authority by Dorothy Cook will be available for free download on Amazon until the end of the day, April 19th at:

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About the Author:

As a laid down lover of God, Dorothy Cooks passion is to help women fully love themselves so that they can then live lives they love. This evolved out of her own healing journey after experiencing a major health crisis in her early 40s. Having personally learned that the stories we tell ourselves end up defining our lives, she is now committed to helping others avoid the pitfalls that were the catalysts for her long ten-year healing journey.

She has a global clientele and when not coaching, she is known to zone out on jigsaw puzzles and podcasts, to be artistically creative, or to slow down yet another walk because of intently gazing through the eye of a camera lens.

She is someone you would enjoy going for lunch with and have fun doing it, currently residing in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Canada.