Chicago-based divorce lawyer Corri Fetman, who catapulted herself onto the world stage with her controversial Playboy spread and “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” billboard featuring sexy male and female bodies is about to do it again… with less skin and another direct message.

This week, she’ll launch her new ad focused on couples finally calling it quits with a double entendre, direct message: “Split Happens. Get a Divorce.”

Previous campaigns raised eyebrows across the world and Fetman, President and owner of Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. was accused of promoting divorce. However, despite all of the controversy surrounding the advertising, Corri proclaimed that most people missed the missive: “The message is, if you’re unhappy, do something about it. It’s really no different than a motivational book that says, ‘Live the best life you can–be happy.’”

Fetman believes that traditional law firm advertising is boring and blithe. Fetman’s new ad continues her call to action that life is not a dress rehearsal, everyone deserves happiness, and life is too short to stay stuck in a miserable marriage.

Fetman’s ad will premiere on billboards in downtown Chicago on Wells and Ontario and on 294 South TriState Highway near Irving Park. The ad will also be featured on Fetman’s website: and social media platforms:

LinkedIn: Corri Fetman
Facebook: Corri Fetman

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