“Life’s Short. Get a Divorce.” Attorney Corri Fetman Releases New Edgy Divorce Ad Campaign

 Chicago-based divorce lawyer Corri Fetman, who catapulted herself onto the world stage with her controversial Playboy spread and “Life’s Short. Get a Divorce” billboard featuring sexy male and female bodies is about to do it again… with less skin and another direct message.

This week, she’ll launch her new ad focused on couples finally calling it quits with a double entendre, direct message: “Split Happens. Get a Divorce.”

Previous campaigns raised eyebrows across the world and Fetman, President and owner of Corri Fetman & Associates, Ltd. was accused of promoting divorce. However, despite all of the controversy surrounding the advertising, Corri proclaimed that most people missed the missive: “The message is, if you’re unhappy, do something about it. It’s really no different than a motivational book that says, ‘Live the best life you can–be happy.’”

Fetman believes that traditional law firm advertising is boring and blithe. Fetman’s new ad continues her call to action that life is not a dress rehearsal, everyone deserves happiness, and life is too short to stay stuck in a miserable marriage.

Fetman’s ad will premiere on billboards in downtown Chicago on Wells and Ontario and on 294 South TriState Highway near Irving Park. The ad will also be featured on Fetman’s website: www.cfalawfirm.com and social media platforms:

LinkedIn: Corri Fetman
Facebook: Corri Fetman

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Divorce Court 101: 5 Simple Rules and Tips

Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks, one of the Jersey Shore’s leading full-service law firms, offers advice for a successful day in divorce court.

Jonathan Petro, Managing Partner

Jonathan Petro, Managing Partner

TOMS RIVER, N.J.March 21, 2023PRLog — According to Divorce.com, the United States has the sixth highest separation rate in the world, with 40 to 50 percent of married couples filing for divorce. Ending a marriage can be complicated and overwhelming, especially when divorce court becomes involved. Jonathan Petro, Managing Partner of Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks, LLC (CLDDS), offers five important points to help you feel more confident and prepared on the first day of your divorce case.

First, it’s important to listen to your attorney. Petro jokingly said, “I’ve been through more divorces than most people will go through in their lives.” It is important to use professionals that know how to work with you and best represent you through this process. While showing respect to your attorney, please also show respect to their staff. If you have any questions or concerns about their advice, feel free to ask.

Be respectful of the court, judges and their staff. “This is important to keep in mind,” said Petro. “People talk. If you are disrespectful to a court staff member, it may get back to the judge. You certainly don’t want to have the reputation of someone who is difficult.” Whether you are attending court in person or via Zoom, it is also important to consider proper dress code in the courthouse or for virtual appearances. A coat, collared shirt, blouse, pants, skirt and proper shoes all follow appropriate divorce decorum.

Be respectful of your adversary. “I often say it takes two people to settle a divorce case, but really it could take four,” Petro said. Each party much work with each other’s attorneys to reach a final resolution in your case. The adversarial process can sometimes get in the way of an efficient reasonable outcome that will benefit your family, especially your children.

Petro encourages clients to take notes and write down questions for the attorney or judge. “Notes will help your attorney stay focused on what the adversary or judge is saying, eliminate any interruptions and keep the process well-ordered. It will also help you remember important points,” he said.

Finally, please be patient and understanding if your case gets pushed back or adjourned. It’s crucial to keep in mind that whether your appearance is scheduled for the morning or later in the day, there are multiple cases on the court’s docket every day. The court tries their best to get through each case as quickly and effectively as possible, but sometimes there is waiting involved.

About Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks, LLC
CLDDS is one of the Jersey Shore’s leading full-service law firms, encompassing a wide variety of practice areas.   The firm strives to be a value-added provider of legal services and obtain the very best possible results for its clients. To learn more, visit https://www.cldds.com.

Licensed Divorce Coach for Men Hayley Lisa Shares Her Life Story & Divorce Industry Insights on Nobull Marketing’s “Evolving with the Times” Podcast

 NoBull Marketing today announced a recently released hour-long interview with Hayley Lisa – a licensed divorce coach for men who’s devoting her career to helping men find balance, peace, hope, and direction through their emotionally fraught divorces while coming out stronger on the other side.

“My passion for Divorce Coaching for men ignited during my second divorce when I saw just how little support and resources men had access to during the divorce process. I thought to myself, how wonderful would it be if I could provide that support to those men who so desperately need and want it?” – Hayley Lisa

“By 2031, I hope to see a future where a man walks into a courtroom and is confident that he’s going to walk out with 50% time with his children. He’s not going to go in scared and full of anxiety. He’s gonna go in confident like a lot of moms do today because he knows he’ll be treated just as equal as women.” – Hayley Lisa.

The interview dives deep into Hayley’s life, career, and insights such as:

A Deep Dive Into The Three Divorces Hayley’s Personally Experienced.

The Struggles Many Men Are Facing in the Divorce Courtroom.

The Future Hayley Hopes To Create For Men and Their Families Going Through Divorce.

Access The Interview Here: https://nobullmarketing.co/Hayley-Lisa

About NoBull Marketing:

NoBull Marketing is a Google My Business and Google Ads lead generation agency for lawyers that guarantees its campaigns will be profitable in 3 months or less or it’s free!. Through the “Evolving With The Times” podcast, we’re interviewing changemakers such as Colin Rule (Mediate.com), mediation pioneer Woody Mosten, and Ron Baker (The Soul of Enterprise) to stay on top of how family law is evolving in response to a more emotionally enlightened market.

About Hayley Lisa:

Hayley is a Certified Divorce Coach for men who’s been twice nominated for the Woman of Influence Award and has used her personal experiences to excel in her career. She developed her coaching system through years of training in the highly lauded program of Nonviolent Communication and by reflecting on the painful intricacies of the divorces she’s personally experienced – both as a child and and later as an adult. Through these experiences this guest found her inner strength, her best self, and discovered a passion for helping others suffering through an emotionally fraught divorce regain their sense of balance, hope, and direction through supportive coaching.

NoBull Marketing, LLC

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