Since her 2004 meeting with explorer Paul Nation in Granbury, Texas, she couldn’t forget his firsthand narrative of sightings of Pterodon-like creatures. Eight of the creatures were observed flying at night with bioluminescence in the outback, where no other humans resided. Subsequently, he conducted interviews with native tribes in the region who created sandy sketches of what we currently identify as long-tailed Pterodactyls.

Her story of “Ropen Island” takes a frightening twist during what appears to be a routine research expedition. During their search for rare bats with potential Diabetes-fighting properties, the team comes across the surreal spectacle of Pterodactyls hunting in the nightreferred to as Ropen or death-eaters by the locals. In a race against time, the team must navigate perilous jungles while being relentlessly pursued by these deadly creatures.

Buchter skillfully combines suspense, action, comedy, and mystery as the research team collects evidence to confirm the scientific record. Will they survive and return to civilization, or will they fall victim in this thrilling adventure?

Among Buchter’s previous works is GERTI’S WAR, a non-fiction memoir that explores her cousin’s wartime experiences in Germany.

Now, her curiosity for the unknown has taken her to the uncharted realms of cryptid action/adventure in “Ropen Island.”

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