Through the collaboration, WeThinkNorth reimagined the Ruma Devi brand for global audiences, while retaining its focus on the history and culture of the rural artisans.

The rebranding initiative involved designing a new logo for Ms. Ruma Devi, developing the ecommerce website, and the formulation of an extensive marketing strategy. WeThinkNorth also offered insights on broadening the brand through packaging, redesign and more. The recently launched website,, showcases an impressive range of handmade products tailored for women and men, as well as sustainable home goods. These items are created with love by over 30,000 women artisans hailing from 21 communities, spread across 150 villages.

WeThinkNorth used a methodical process to meet the expectations. The team arranged a brand workshop to grasp the clients vision and purpose, and a competitor analysis to spot gaps and opportunities. The team also carried out stakeholder management to organise feedback and inputs, ultimately shaping a smooth and captivating digital presence for brand Ruma Devi, led by user experience.

WeThinkNorths founder, Anuradha M Agarwal, expresses her pride in the partnership, stating, We are thrilled to have successfully balanced the practical concepts of e-commerce with the soulful side of art, history and heritage that the brand stands for. Aside from digital rebranding, we also expanded our strategy holistically, to show how the brand can be extended through its packaging, design and other collaterals in future.

Ruma Devi, the visionary behind the brand and a renowned handicraft artist, shares her appreciation for WeThinkNorths work, WeThinkNorth offered their end-to-end expertise on this project. Aside from the original scope of work, they went above and beyond – helping us with photography guidelines, Shopify assistance and more. Kudos to them on the way they took different opinions into account and streamlined them to ensure the branding came out to be as impactful as we had hoped for”

Visit to witness the creative work by WeThinkNorth, skillfully blending a modern aesthetic with a touch of tradition.

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