Step into the world of Adrian and Alba, spirited twins whose insatiable curiosity leads them to an unforgettable summer adventure. Trotter and the Twins captivates with its vibrant illustrations, bringing to life the story of two kindred spirits who discover the extraordinary capabilities of their beloved Trotter.

As Trotter takes flight, Adrian and Alba’s journey soars beyond the confines of reality, guided by the magic of imagination. This captivating narrative celebrates the power of family, friendship, and the limitless potential within every child’s mind. Amidst the symphony of dreams, readers young and old are reminded that the extraordinary is attainable through belief and creativity.

Available in multiple editions, including English, French, Catalan, Spanish, and German, Trotter and the Twins embraces the beauty of diversity and language, making the magic accessible to children around the world.

Author Toms Prez-Zafn is a luminary storyteller whose words traverse the delicate dance between reality and fantasy. With a deep appreciation for the kaleidoscope of life on Earth, Toms crafts tales that kindle wonder and ignite imagination. Through his stories, readers are transported beyond the ordinary, encouraged to dream big, and empowered to explore their creative potential.

Toms’s stories are more than mere narratives; they are invitations to embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery and inspiration. Trotter and the Twins is no exceptionit is a symphony of dreams that fosters understanding, compassion, and a deep connection to the magic of childhood.

For classrooms and homeschoolers, the book includes suggested kid’s book club questions, sparking conversations that expand learning and critical thinking.

Trotter and the Twins: The Magic of Imagination is available for purchase through and Amazon, as well as other major book retailers.

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Discover the extraordinary with Trotter and the Twins: The Magic of Imagination by Toms Prez-Zafn, where dreams come alive and possibilities are limitless.