In the captivating novel, Lavender’s life takes an unexpected turn after the attention she gets from the most handsome guy in her school becomes the biggest threat to her sanity and peace of mind. He rapes her repeatedly, turning her to the worse version of herself. The novel takes readers through Lavender’s emotional journey as she struggles to find her voice and help other victims find theirs. It details her resilience in finding strength and healing through the complex system that failed.

Ayura Ayira filled the novel with vivid prose and deep empathy, and delves into the complex emotions and societal obstacles rape survivors often encounter. The author describes Lavender “as everyone out there with the possibility of being in her condition.” She revealed that the novel will shed light on survivors’ immense strength and the hurdles they face on their journey toward justice and healing, describing the novel as “a story of courage, resilience, and the importance of breaking the silence.”

Notable voices within the literary community have hailed “Good Girls Die” as a great book on a sensitive topic. It has earned excellent reviews from other authors and book reviewers. “A heart-rending narrative that tackles a critical issue with sensitivity and authenticity,” ” an unflinching portrayal of a survivor’s fight for justice, reminding us of the importance of empathy and understanding,” “a thrilling story capable of helping you get in touch with your emotional side,” are some reviews the book has received.

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