Groove along with the beaming Pakistani pop melodies of Wasif Riaz. The enchanting narratives of his songs are well-versed with the gloomy and bright side of society.

Luton, England Aug 23, 2023 (  – Backed by engraving melodies, Wasif Riaz is offering some highly engaging narratives through his releases. His dedicated passion for music has driven him to create some flawlessly written songs. Being just three songs old, his works offer brilliant music formations with catchy loveable lines and brilliantly arranged tunes. His incredible release ‘Bikhra Hoon Main’ is an ode to yourself when you are hurt. This incredible number is surely one of the most impressive releases of his music catalog. The transcending vibes of his number will reach the depths of one’s consciousness.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Wasif Riaz is from Pakistan, and his works in Pakistan pop have been truly mesmerizing for all music lovers. Another of his brilliant releases, ‘Keh Na Sakoon’, will have your heart. The fascinating narrative along with the soothing melody, made this song wholesome. His firm passion for music knows no limits. And he has proven this through his releases. He is pushing the musical boundaries to create something incomparable. Through his music, he will touch your soul and will offer a cathartic experience.

He is the powerhouse of melodies and emotions and has offered three incredible numbers by far. These numbers are ‘Keh Na Sakoon’, ‘Bikhra Hoon Main’, and ‘Baybasi’. This individual artist narrates and composes his music, and publishes it to the world. His vibrant releases with poignant narratives will surely make you feel elated. In his exclusive passionate universe of music, you can heal your wound and set free your smothering soul. In this dreamland, headphones are mandatory and people can interact with closed eyes, and symphonies are prescribed for wounds. Take a peak of his world through Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram.

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