FleischmanGarciaMaslowski (FG+M), the design team, has been deeply involved in shaping various aspects of the expansive 33-acre campus for The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee over several years. As the project looks toward the future, a comprehensive redevelopment of the entire campus is taking shape. The Wolfgroup design firm is creating an iconic and sculptural canopy that will serve as a striking focal point at the entrance of the upcoming revitalized Jewish Federation Campus.

FG+M and the Jewish Federation Campus’s ambitious renovations encompass various additions and improvements. A notable feature is the 30,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor day camp facility, meticulously planned to offer specialized zones catering to art, nature, STEM education, and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. Complementing this will introduce a state-of-the-art executive administration center, a 10,000-square-foot event center featuring an elegant ballroom, and a poignant Holocaust Remembrance Park.

A crucial aspect of the campus redesign includes incorporating modern security measures—a dedicated Security & Safety Training Center to ensure the entire community’s well-being. Moreover, the project underscores the significance of cultural enrichment and education by introducing a Cultural Arts & Educational Center.

This endeavor includes a Sports and recreation plan that entails the creation of a spacious 2.15-acre sports complex housing a cutting-edge aquatic center, a vibrant children’s splash pad, and well-designed tennis courts. This comprehensive recreation approach indicates FG+M’s extensive experience in designing dynamic campus complexes, corporate offices, sports facilities, event centers, and family community centers.

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