Authors Biography

At the ripe old age of five years old, with 3 cereal box tops, and 50 cents I purchased my first camera. With the first roll of film, I learned how to hold the camera steady and relatively level. When that camera ceased to function, my parents let me take their old Kodak with a shutter that sounded like the horn of a Model T car and I was off to Y camp taking pictures of my friends and counselors. The Kodak Instamatic became my favorite tool in my teenage years and it wasnt until my mid-twenties that I managed to buy a single lens reflex.

While I was in graduate school and working on a masters degree, I worked part time in a needlework store and became a needlework designer. I achieved my masters degree in mammal ecology and then had two children and learned about being a mammal first hand. The camera became a supplement to my career as an at home biologist, a designer, and a mom. Most of my picture taking was snapshots of children, flowers in the backyard and the occasional vacation trip. I had a book published Needlework Dragons and other Mythical Creatures with Van Nostrand Rheinhold. I took classes on graphic design and computer graphics and self-published several needlework instruction pamphlets.

As the perpetual student and moving to Aspen as a refugee from real life, I started taking my photography more seriously and attended classes with David Hiser, the faculty at Colorado Mountain College, and various workshops offered in the west. Using the biology, and design skills Ive picked up along the way, I now am a landscape and wildlife photographer. I have taught digital imaging and photography at the local Colorado Mountain College. Aspen Light Imaging is my company that produces note cards, magnets, laser prints and other gift related items from my photographs.