Attempted suicide and attempted murder in Ma On Shan


     Police are investigating an attempted suicide and attempted murder case happened in Ma On Shan today (August 4) and arrested a 51-year-old man.

     At 4.15pm today, Police received a report that a 51-year-old man suspectedly attempted to commit suicide by burning charcoal in a village house at Chek Nai Ping on Tai Po Road – Ma Liu Shui. His 90-year-old father was in the house.

     After initial investigation, Police arrested the 51-year-old man for attempted murder. The arrestee is being detained for further enquiries.

     The 51-year-old man was found conscious while the 90-year-old man was in unconscious state. Both of them were sent to Prince of Wales Hospital.

     Investigation by the District Crime Squad of Sha Tin District is underway.