Dr. Susan C Litton has been a clinical psychologist in private practice since 1985 and is also the developer of PSYBooks an EHR/practice management system for behavioral health practitioners. With one foot in technology and the other in clinical work, Susan is adept at helping bridge the two worlds. She’s a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops and has also written a book on telehealth published by the Professional Resources Press.

I am confident that our collaboration will strongly equip us to accelerate our growth journey. Her rich experience, strategic insights and strong professional network will immensely benefit Hale HIT Labs in terms of rapidly scaling up while making deeper inroads into the US healthcare market, says HHIT founder and CEO Rajeev Kumar. Dr. Litton says, “As a clinical psychologist with an equally strong passion for technology, I found myself in a unique position to blend my two worlds. The result was a product called PSYBooks, which is an EHR/practice management system for behavioral health practitioners. I continue to be passionate about new technologies and partnerships that further advance the healthcare sector. I have known and worked with HHITs leadership team for a decade, and am delighted to now be collaborating with and advising them on their growth journey.”

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