With its range of powerful features and user-friendly interface, FlipHTML5’s newsletter maker provides an easy way for users to create their newsletter online.

This newsletter maker allows users to upload an existing document in the format of PDF/PPT/Word/PNGs/JPGs to FlipHTML5, which will be converted into a flippable digital newsletter with dynamic effects. Or they can choose a preferable template with a professional layout style, and then explore the fun of customization. Setting background images and music, adding a logo, and selecting the toolbar options are free for users to operate.

What sets FlipHTML5’s newsletter maker apart is its integration of interactive elements. Users can seamlessly embed videos, image galleries, audio clips, and forms into their newsletters, transforming them into immersive experiences. Clickable hyperlinks are in the position of complementing the information. Also, users are suggested to add some supplementary information like the phone number, email account, and QR code or image with a link to the company’s website on the back cover.

After users finished their creation, FlipHTML5 offers users various ways to publish and share their digital newsletter. Users can easily publish their newsletters online with just a few clicks, thanks to the platform’s seamless integration with popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and website embedding capabilities. Furthermore, FlipHTML5’s newsletter maker generates shareable links, facilitating easy distribution to a wide audience.

To further enhance the effectiveness of newsletter campaigns, FlipHTML5’s newsletter maker includes robust analytics and tracking features. Users gain valuable insights into the performance of their newsletters, allowing them to measure key metrics such as open rates and click-through rates. With this data at their disposal, businesses can refine their newsletter strategies, optimize content, and tailor future campaigns to better meet the needs and preferences of their readers.

“We are a professional team that solves the problems of our customers and try our best to provide them with the best user experience,” said Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, “By combining customizable templates and interactive elements, we provide a solution that helps users stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Our newsletter maker enables users to effortlessly create engaging newsletters that drive results and foster meaningful connections with their readers.”

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