WPTV featured Senior Portfolio Manager & Senior Wealth Advisor Thane Stenner, a 5-Star Advisor for the Publication.

Senior Portfolio Manager & Senior Wealth Advisor Thane Stenner of Stenner Wealth Partners+ at CG Wealth Management Canada, was featured on the Wealth Professional TV Special for its WPC 5-Star Advisors 2022.

The eleven-minute segment highlighted Mr. Stenner’s significant contributions to the industry, as well as his insights into the crucial elements of directing a wealth management leadership team. In the interview, Mr. Stenner is acknowledged as a 5-Star Advisor for Quebec and Western Canada. The Stenner Wealth Partners+ team at CG Wealth Management Canada was lauded for its distinction as a 5-Star advisory team in 2022.

“We continue to put our clients first and focus on creating the relationships that make what we do successful,” said Mr. Stenner. “To sit down and discuss where I see our industry and the importance of building the right relationships, internally and externally, through quality customer service and team mentorship, that points to our bigger successes as an organization.”

Wealth Professional continues to profile top performers in the industry, and as one of the publication’s 5-Star Advisors, Mr. Stenner has sat down with many of the publication’s contributors to impart wisdom and talk about the state of the industry. Most recently, Mr. Stenner was acknowledged as one of WP’s Top 50 Advisors for 2023. The publication is owned by Key Media and maintains a presence as a prominent industry resource for wealth advisors and portfolio managers.

Thane Stenner is cross-border licensed in USA and Canada via FINRA and IIROC. Previously, he acted as a Managing Director, International Client Advisor, Institutional Consulting Director, and Alternative Investments Director at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management where he led his team in managing portfolios for ultra-high net worth clients.

He graduated cum laude from Arizona State University and attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Program. Stenner’s unique knowledge has been featured across several business news outlets including, the Globe & Mail, Financial Post, CNBC & BNN Bloomberg.

For more news and information about Thane Stenner, please visit https://stennerwealthpartners.com/. You can also find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.