Launching a new business is an exciting endeavor, and you want to spread the word about your company or product. Writing a new business press release is an essential tool to help you gain media coverage and drive interest to your venture. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips on crafting an effective press release that will grab the attention of journalists and have your business buzzing in no time.

To start, it’s crucial to have a powerful headline that instantly captivates your target audience. Using active verbs and concise language, aim to convey the most important information about your announcement in 10 words or less. Following this, your press release should answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how, succinctly summarizing the key points of your new business launch.

Remember to think of an engaging, brand-driven story that resonates with your target market. By keeping these pointers in mind and carefully considering the journalists and media contacts who will be most interested in your new business press release, you can create an impactful announcement that will undoubtedly generate excitement and publicity for your venture.

Understanding New Business Press Releases

Purpose of a Press Release

A new business press release is a strategic tool used to announce the launch of a company, its products, or services, generating media coverage and public interest. When you write a new business press release, it is essential to focus on the news value of your announcement and to convey why the public should care about your company’s launch. Your press release should generate excitement and anticipation, attract potential customers, and establish your brand image from the outset.

Key Components of a Press Release

Headline and Subheadline:

An eye-catching, engaging, and informative headline is critical to grabbing the attention of journalists and readers. Keep your headline concise and include relevant keywords related to your new business. A subheadline can provide additional context or details and should be no longer than a sentence.

Dateline and Introduction:

The dateline contains the release date and location, followed by a captivating introductory paragraph. This paragraph should contain the most critical information about your new business launch, adhering to the reverse pyramid formula, which prioritizes the most important information first.


The body of your new business press release should be concise, typically ranging between 300-500 words. Include relevant information about your company, products, or services, highlighting any unique selling points (USPs) and addressing customer pain points. Make sure to back up any claims with factual evidence and provide quotes from key stakeholders, such as the founder or CEO, to add credibility and a personal touch.

Boilerplate and Contact Information:

Conclude your press release with a boilerplate that briefly summarizes your company’s mission and vision. This section is standard across your press releases and should be no longer than a paragraph. Finally, include relevant contact information for media inquiries, such as a PR representative’s email and phone number.

New business press release formats and examples can provide guidance as you craft your own press release. Make sure to tailor your content to capture the essence of your business and its unique offerings. With a carefully crafted new business press release, you’ll be better equipped to generate media coverage and public interest, attracting potential customers and firmly establishing your brand.

Press Release Formats and Examples

New Brand Launch Press Release

When launching a new brand, your press release should clearly communicate the unique selling points, benefits, and target audience. Start with an attention-grabbing headline and follow up with an informative first paragraph covering the essentials like who, what, when, where, and why. Include quotes from key executives to emphasize the brand’s mission and vision, and provide relevant contact information for media inquiries.

Small Business Press Release Examples

As a small business, crafting a press release is an effective way to reach out to your local community and media. Here are some examples of small business press releases:

  • Store opening or expansion: Announce the opening date, location, and any special promotions or events to entice customers to visit your new store.
  • Community involvement: Share news about your business’s participation in local events, charitable efforts, or community partnerships.
  • Milestone celebration: Commemorate your business’s anniversary or a major achievement like receiving an industry award or certification.

Remember to keep the press release concise, well-structured, and relevant to your target audience.

Tech Product Launch Press Release

When launching a tech product, focus on showcasing its features, benefits, and how it can address the needs of potential users. The press release should include:

  • A compelling headline: Grab the readers’ attention and spark interest in the product.
  • Concise product description: Explain what your tech product does, its key features, and what sets it apart from competitors.
  • Problem-solving aspect: Highlight how your product solves a problem or fills a gap in the market.
  • Quote from key personnel: Include a quote from the CEO, CTO, or another relevant executive that emphasizes the significance of the product launch.
  • Timeline and availability: specify when and where the product will be released, as well as any pertinent pricing information.
  • Accompanying visuals: Provide high-quality images or videos to demonstrate the product in action.

Remember to convey a sense of excitement and confidence in your tech product, and always be clear, concise, and informative in your writing.

Writing a Press Release for a New Business (Company Launch)

Capturing Attention with a Strong Headline

To begin your press release, create a strong headline that effectively communicates the news about your new business. Your headline should be concise, accurate, and attention-grabbing. Make sure it clearly states the name of your business, hints at the story’s main points, and sparks curiosity in readers.

Crafting an Engaging Introduction

Start the introduction with an enticing lead that grabs your reader’s attention and encourages them to read further. In the first paragraph, answer the essential questions of who, what, when, where, and why. This will ensure your introduction provides enough information to hook readers and set the context for the rest of the press release.

Providing Essential Details

In the following paragraphs, expand on your new business’s story, providing information relevant to your audience. As you compose this section, focus on the most important details, including:

  • The background of your business
  • The product, service, or solution your company offers
  • How your business stands out from competitors
  • Any upcoming events, milestones, or plans

Organize this information in a clear, logical format, using bullet points or bold text to emphasize essential details, and consider creating tables for easy comparison.

Including a Compelling Quote

Include a quote from a relevant party, such as a company executive, an industry expert, or a satisfied customer. This quote should add value to your press release by offering additional insight or reinforcing your main points. Ensure that the quote is engaging and relevant, while also accurately representing your new business.

Closing with a Call to Action

Conclude your press release with a clear call to action. Instruct your reader on what they should do next, whether that’s visiting your website, signing up for an event, or contacting your company for more information. By providing a clear next step, you keep your audience engaged and increase the chances they’ll take action after reading your press release.

Remember to keep your press release focused on the [how to write a press release for a new business] topic, using a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone of voice. By following these guidelines and structuring your press release effectively, you’ll create a polished and persuasive announcement that generates interest in your new company and sets the stage for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential elements of an effective company launch press release?

An effective company launch press release should include an attention-grabbing headline, a concise and informative lede, the company’s background information, relevant quotes from key stakeholders, and clear contact information. Additionally, including multimedia elements, like photos or videos, can increase its appeal.

How can you make your press release stand out among others?

To make your press release stand out, craft a catchy and unique headline, use concise and straightforward language, provide valuable and newsworthy information, and incorporate relevant quotes from influential or interesting sources. Make sure your press release is well-formatted and easy to read.

What is the recommended structure for a well-written new company press release?

A well-written new company press release should follow this structure:

  1. Headline: A captivating and informative title.
  2. Lede: A brief and engaging introduction that answers the who, what, when, where, and why.
  3. Body: Provide key information and background about the company, products or services, and target market.
  4. Quotes: Include relevant and interesting quotes from stakeholders, such as the founder or CEO.
  5. Company Information: Provide information about the company, its mission, and its leaders.
  6. Contact Information: Include the contact details for those seeking more information or interviews.

How do you tailor your press release to target specific audiences?

To target specific audiences, research their interests and needs, use jargon or terminology relevant to the industry, and emphasize the benefits or features that would appeal to that particular audience. Additionally, focus on media outlets that cater to your target audience and adjust your press release’s tone and language accordingly.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a new business press release?

Common mistakes to avoid include writing a dull or generic headline, using overly promotional language, providing irrelevant or excessive information, and not proofreading your press release for grammar and punctuation errors. Also, avoid sending your press release to irrelevant media outlets or reporters.

How do you distribute your press release to maximize its impact?

To distribute your press release effectively, create a targeted media list, reach out to relevant journalists or reporters, submit your press release to press release distribution services, and share it on your company’s social media channels and website. Additionally, consider following up with key contacts to ensure they received your press release.