Exploring different genres, the talented New Milford Pop Singer Kevin C. Browne is back with new tracks that are impressing the listeners with enlivening compositions.

New Milford, Connecticut Jun 14, 2023 (Issuewire.com)  – Kevin C. Browne has recently released brand new tracks that are creating strong waves in the industry. Listeners were anticipating the tracks since the artist announced them, and upon release, the tracks were received with much support and appreciation. The New Milford Pop Singer displayed such passion and versatility in these tracks that deserve the worldwide recognition they are getting. The tracks are ‘Sugar Blues’, and ‘Careless’ both helped the artist discover different areas of the musical world. Usually, the artist used to make music in pop, a little light, and more bubbly compositions, however, in these two brand new tracks, he has taken the genre of rock music.

‘Sugar Blues’ fits in the category of alternative rock which shows a different side of the artist. The thing that impresses the listeners the most in this track is the message Kevin tried to portray through the storytelling. In this song, Kevin discusses how in today’s world, everyone usually sugarcoats every opinion. However, how that is perceived is different from the sweet love everyone yearns and Sugar Blues refers to that passionate, yet extremely delightful love. The track is also inspired by David Bowie whose sound made a significant impact on the composition. The lyrics are well-written and expressive, matching the artist’s amazing vocals. On the other hand, ‘Careless’ is a song about how people tend to live rather carelessly at some point in their lives. The sweet joy and freedom that it brings, make the living style more attractive and this is exactly what the song reflected Kevin C. Browne’s magical beats and composition elevated the track to another level.

The audience can listen to these two tracks on SoundCloud along with his entire discography which includes his previous hits; ‘Goin’ Down The Highway (To See Jesus)’, ‘Growing Pains E.P. EP’, ‘Love Connection E. P.’, etc. Listeners can follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram,  YouTube, and Twitter.

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