Join Bastian, a feral warrior, Xander, a gifted mage, Kumori, a stealthy rogue, and Reinhardt, a master swordsman, as they overcome personal differences and cunning foes in their quest to save themselves, and Ashana herself.

At the behest of an ancient evil, agents plot for power within the Kingdom of Aestaria. Their sinister plans draw out a collection of strangers from their daily lives through chance and turmoil. These unlikely heroes band together to save themselves, and each-other unaware that their fate, is ultimately tied to the world of Ashana herself. Their journey through the land puts them at odds with never-before-seen creatures, deadly enemies, and even each other. To save themselves, they must unravel the mystery behind the shadow of the soul Blade.

Accompany these unlikely heroes, as they engage in epic duels and wield awe inspiring magic in the face of overwhelming odds.

About the Author:
Jay Roland is an up-and-coming author in the Dark Epic Fantasy genre with the recent release of his upcoming novel Shadow of the Soul Blade. The first of the Dark Thorne Chronicles.

He is a devoted, caring husband of 16 years to his wife Nyssa, and loving father to his five wonderful children. As a lifelong table top RPG gamer and storyteller across many platforms, Jay is often found weaving intricate tales of intrigue, or impending doom for his family and friends.

During the day, Jay is a technology professional, leading teams and departments to overcome unique technical and logistical challenges. But now, after decades of telling stories around the gaming table, he has finally decided to craft the first of many books to come.


Shadow of the Soul Blade is available for purchase at Amazon in print and ebook formats.