Anna Baker Launches Custom Tailored Organic Cotton Clothing Range for Babies in Hospital NICUs. Making small but meaningful changes to ease the struggles of sleep deprived parents has been the focus of Dream with Baker clothing range. The challenges of parenthood are sweet yet difficult to face. Anna Baker and her team are resolute in helping parents and babies get the much deserved rest during their parenthood journey. More than 15 years of knowledge and experience that Anna Baker and her team possess, makes them an expert in guiding babies and their parents with their easy-to-wear custom made affordable organic cotton baby clothing.

To add to their existing clothing range, a range of preemie organic jersey cotton baby clothes for the babies who are under the hospitals care has been launched this month. Anna and her team have taken care of many such babies, assured their distressed parents and guided them to successfully raise a healthy and happy baby. The babies in Hospital NICUs have cords and machines attached to them. Though they are in the hospital, they still need comfortable easy-to-wear organic clothes that wont do any harm to the babys extremely tender skin. The range has neutral colours suitable for both the genders and varies from short sleeve rompers to loungeies in various sizes. If the sizes dont suit, the clothes can also be custom made in the hospital to suit the comfortability of babies and their parents. Many parents who intended to shop organic jersey cotton baby clothes happily welcomed and were eager to try out these comfortable organic cotton newborn clothes.

After tending to many parents who were struggling to get on with their everyday life, when a newborn came into their lives, Anna Baker and her team started a night nanny agency to guide them. The agency provides sleep and lactation consultation to parents who ask for help. To extend her help and guidance Anna Baker launched a new range of organic cotton baby clothes to save parents from worrying about the clothes their newborns are about to wear. It also reduces the time spent to shop organic jersey cotton baby clothes. Their newly launched website introduces baby and toddler clothing range that avoids the use zippers and snaps if the baby seems restless in the night. The organic jersey cotton baby clothing range is so soft and comfortable on babys tender skin that parents need not worry about sudden awakenings at night or during the day due to clothing discomfort. To reach out Anna Baker or her consultation team visit their website at

About Dream with Baker:
Dream with Baker is a stylish and comfortable baby clothing range launched by Anna Baker. The clothes are made soft, organic materials and are available in a range of beautiful, gender-neutral colours suitable for any occasion. The versatile baby loungewear also helps in transition from swaddle bags to tops and bottoms.