Delve into stories of an imaginative child and a fathers love.

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Cherish those moments when someone has loved you for those are the memories to hold fast in your heart.

Bobbie J. McLarens The Sounds at Rivers Edge: True Stories of Growing Up on the Intracoastal Waterway was exhibited at the 2023 London Book Fair made by the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet. The book trade fair took place at Olympia London, London, UK, last April 18-20, 2023.

The Sounds at Rivers Edge is a collection of stories from the perspective of a child about the things around her, such as love and adventure. It takes place when technology has not dominated the world yet. With this, the perspective of the child tends to be imaginative.

The book features twenty stories that talk about how the child perceives her world and reminisces about the good times spent with the people she loved dearly. Each short story uses scripture that is related to the characters. These passages may be used for inspiration and reminders to the readers that love will prevail no matter what the life challenge is.

Readers can relate to the strong imagery of the stories that are set in recent years when the world did not rely too much on technology and modern conveniences, such as microwave ovens, home videos, cellphones, and fast food. The readers can see the stories set in recent years when kids can play outside where staying inside was once a sheer punishment also known as being grounded.

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The Sounds at Rivers Edge: True Stories of Growing Up on the Intracoastal Waterway
Author| Bobbie J. McLaren
Published Date| August 24, 2022
Publisher| ReadersMagnet LLC
Genre| Non-fiction/ Inspirational

Authors Biography

Bobbie J. McLaren was born in South Florida in the 1950s, in Northern Palm Beach County. She graduated from Palm Beach Gardens High School although much to the surprise of many, in 1972. Always writing something, whether poetry, short stories, or gospel music, she has always had a need to create. Now living in North East Alabama atop Lookout Mountain, she is involved with writing Vacation Bible School programs for her church and working with Dramas. Learning to paint and sketch in addition to full-time employment keeps this author busy. She shares her home with two cats and her life with her family that lives all around her in the Fort Payne area.