Always Welcome.

Local artists across Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and the U.S. have designed custom signage for merchants to proudly display in stores, on their websites, and through social media to let their customers know they are always welcome.

The Artist Series is a collection of complimentary signage that includes decals, Were Open signs, and digital images designed by local artists and inspired by the phrase Always Welcome: Proudly Backing Our Community Together.

The number of places that accept American Express globally has more than doubled since 2017. Were backing new and loyal merchant members with more ways to welcome customers and beautify their storefronts, said Rachel Levy, Vice President of U.S. Merchant Marketing at American Express. Our merchants and their customers are appreciating the artwork and the message.

Today, the collective features signage from 15 artists that Amex-accepting businesses can now order or download by clicking here: Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Africa, and the U.S.

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Mexico City-based painter, Lourdes Villagmez, is known for her bold acrylic paintings, use of vibrant colors, and deep connection to her Mexican culture.

Brooklyn, New York-based illustrator, Marcos Chin, creates pictures inspired by his rich personal experiences, friendships, and familial relationships.

Washington, D.C.-based illustrator, Sabrena Khadija, takes pride in creating work that helps others feel seen and inspired.

Sydney, Australia-based illustrator, Freda Chiu, uses bold colors, handmade textures, and humor to incite feelings of glee and child-like sincerity. Chiu is driven by a desire to help people feel seen and heard.

London, U.K.-based illustrator, Erin Aniker, creates art that is influenced by her community and the cultures that make up the city.

Tokyo, Japan-based illustrator, Hanna Kirishima, designs express hopes for a society where all can coexist and live comfortably.

Winnipeg, Canada-based illustrator, Blake Angeconeb, looks to art as a form of medicine and healing by creating a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Johannesburg, South Africa-based artist, Nene Mahlangu believes that everyone should have access to this wonderful experience of meaningful exchange, creating artwork that is welcoming to all.

Pretoria, South Africa-based artist, Michelle Ewany Opani creates artwork that captures the vibrant energy and life of the marketplace.

Johannesburg, South Africa-based artist and illustrator, Althea Botha describes this artwork as an ode to the force of our dreams and the vibrancy and warmth they create and emanate.

Johannesburg, South Africa-based artist, Mark Modimola is inspired by the African landscape and the cycle of gathering a symbol for transfer, ecology, life, and energy.

Vaal, South Africa-based illustrator, Hlulani Trevor Hlongwane designs graphics that capture the spirit of both rural and urban South Africa.