Through ‘Goin’ Down The Highway (To See Jesus)’ New Milford Pop Singer, Kevin C. Browne describes the bliss of the spiritual journey of life that leads to the door of Christ.

New Milford, Connecticut May 19, 2023 (  – Bringing together a refined combination of funky rhythms against a cheery backdrop, with rejuvenating vocals, soaked in reverb, the talented singer Kevin C. Browne has released the scintillating new song ‘Goin’ Down The Highway (To See Jesus)’. The track introduces itself with a quirky sound design that gives way to an instrumental outpour of joyous flavors of synths that gives it an easy groove and that takes on a circular path, stitching together a musical fabric that is both new and nostalgic, making it a truly unique and unforgettable listening experience.

The song stands tall on the strength of its songwriting, as the lyrics pierce right through the soul of the listeners, taking them along on this ride down the spiritual “highway”. Composed in just 15 minutes, the verses convey the intrinsic honesty of the artist’s conviction as he propagates the message that no matter how far one stray, it is to Jesus that the absolute path of life leads. It is this destination that one cannot escape and the New Milford Pop Singer expresses his utmost bliss in being able to embark upon this journey so peacefully. The song is rife with the devotion the singer has for Jesus and this clarity of intention is expressed through picturesque imageries and descriptions of Christ that resonate vividly in the listeners’ minds.

‘Goin’ Down The Highway (To See Jesus)’ is the epitome of the passion and spiritual proximity Kevin C. Browne possesses, and it is expressed clearly in the hymn-like verses juxtaposed with the summery, road-trip-like vibe that the song exudes. There is an inherent positivity in the song that is infectious and quintessential of the creations of the artist. To listen to this brilliant new song along with his previous masterpieces, like ‘After The Ball Live Revisit’ and ‘Sugar Blues’, log into SoundCloud. His music is also available for streaming on Apple Music and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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