A fifth-grade teacher gets stranded during an earthquake on a field trip with five young students. He needs to fight off temptations and look after the girls while waiting for rescue.

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Many readers might be made to feel uncomfortable with the subject matter of this book, but ultimately that is part of the storys purpose. The US Review of Books

Cornel A. Keelers Our Field Trip PG-13 was displayed at the 2023 London Book Fair by the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet. The event took place at Olympia London, London, UK, last April 18-20, 2023.

Our Field Trip PG-13 follows a single fifth-grade teacher, Wendell Carter, who got stranded in the wilderness along with five girls from his class during their field trip. On their way to the site, Wendell decided to take a stop at an area where they are safe from the dangerous rock slides when an earthquake shook the place. With this, he had to look after five girls from his fifth-grade class until rescue arrives. As Wendell was looking after the girls, each of the girls would try to tempt him into seduction. He powered through the temptations by reminding the girls of their goals in the future.

The story is true to its title. Its PG-13. Some readers might find the plot uncomfortable as this deals with a man shaking off temptations from young girls. It also tackles the themes of humor, sex, and honor in the profession.

The author puts the readers in an uncomfortable position as they see the world through Wendell Carters eyes. Readers can ask themselves what they would do if they are in Wendells shoes. Whats more difficult is that each temptation represents a quality that the love of his life possesses.

As the title says, the book is PG-13 and readers 13 years old and above can purchase a copy of Cornel A. Keelers Our Field Trip PG-13 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Our Field Trip PG-13
Author| Cornel A. Keeler
Published Date| February 1, 2010
Publisher| Trafford
Genre| Non-Fiction

Authors Biography

Cornel A. Keeler makes his home in Morgan City, Louisiana, where he spent half of his adult life working in the oilfield. Other than writing, he has been involved in politics, sports, church and Mardi Gras. He is an active member of the United Methodist Church and is an alumnus of Nicholls State University. Cornel is married to Wanda Martin of New Orleans and they have two daughters, Carmen and Tiffany.