About Reinventing Rita
Is fifty too old to start over and reinvent yourself?
That’s what Rita Reynolds has to decide after a series of unwelcome occurrences arrive in time for her fiftieth birthday. Suffering from a bad case of empty-nest syndrome combined with the possible loss of her part-time job, Rita is also facing the realization that, since her divorce, she’s been coasting on the highway of life. Now, its time to hit the gas and start moving ahead, if she can overcome her fear that it might be too late for a fresh start.

The Midlife Moxie Novel Series
Midlife Moxie Novel Series is about women facing personal and career challenges at midlife, who find their inner moxie and ultimately pursue their dreams. They illustrate that life is full of possibilities no matter what age you are.

Explaining why she decided to feature protagonists in their fifties and older, Christie says, It was driven in part by the way women are viewed once they cross into Menopause Land: as having reached the end of their potential with nothing awaiting them but gray hair, hot flashes, and incontinence! Yet, the more I read about and talk to other women, the more I have found that women at this life stage often undergo a midlife reinvention, fueled by a sense of excitement and a belief that options still await them. They want to find out who they can be and what they accomplish in this new life stage. So that led me to write stories that illustrated that reality.

While Christie acknowledges that by midlife, some career doors may be closed, thats not where our attention should be focused. Instead, we should look down the hallway of life at all the doors we have yet to open to find out what is on the other side. My hope is that, when women read about the challenges faced by Rita (as well as those encountered by the main characters in my forthcoming novels), they’ll derive encouragement and strength to help them on their path to a new life.

A secondary theme in Reinventing Rita and other planned books in the series is the role of female friendships in helping women find their strength.

I wanted to show the importance of having a strong group of women around to support you, comfort you and, at times, kick you in the behind if needed. And those women dont have to be contemporaries. They can be teenagers as well as those who are significantly older. Its not so much the age as the positive attitude they possess, says Christie. For example, in Reinventing Rita, Rita gets career input from her boss Donna and her mid-seventy-year-old mother Shirley, while her teenage coworker Becky and her sons college girlfriend Angie give her life advice. And Karen, her ex-husbands second wife, turns out to be Ritas strongest supportera fact that surprises both women! Each woman brings a different perspective to the issues Rita is dealing with and help her through the reinvention process.

Comments From Reviewers
Reinventing Rita has already received positive reviews including the following:
If youve experienced the shakeup in your life that happens when a now adult child leaves home for college or whatever, youll understand the stress Rita feels this is a story that a lot of older and middle age folks, regardless of gender, are going to relate to in some fashion and be pulling for Rita to figure things out as you sympathize with her situation. BigAls Books & Pals

I found the book incredibly relatable to anyone struggling with their identity, but especially to stay-at-home moms. Reinventing Rita is the kind of book you wish kept going even after the story is over. Leslie Rasmussen, award-winning author

Reinventing Rita is encouragement to all of us to follow our bliss whatever our age. Dorothy Rosby, award-winning author and humorist

With a dash of humor, a slice of reality, and a sprinkle of charm, Reinventing Rita is a delightful addition to author Nancy Christies Midlife Moxie series. Clarissa J. Markiewicz, novelist

Reinventing Rita is a tasty souffl of a novel with a nourishing message at its heart a sure winner for anyone interested in good writing, good food, and a good story. Patricia Averbach, award-winning author

Christies well-written tale about a woman finding herselfcovered in flouris a funny and touching one that most women with a little life experience can relate to and appreciate If you want a great weekend read, this one fits the bill both dramatic and comedic with a little moxie thrown in on the side. Dawn Reno Langley, author

Upcoming Events
Christie is celebrating the release of Reinventing Rita with events throughout northeast Ohio and in the Columbus area. The book launch kicks off with signings at two of Christies hometown bookstores: Barnes & Noble in Boardman set for June 3, and Leanas Books & More in Austintown on June 17. She also has more events scheduled throughout the summer, including a Reinventing Rita Tea Party at Pretty Good Books in Ashtabula.
She has also launched Midlife Moxie Novel Series on YouTube, with her most recent video entitled Why write about midlife women anyway?.

For more information about Reinventing Rita and Christie’s other books, visit the BOOKS page of her website. Reviewers who wish to receive review copies of Reinventing Rita should contact Christie via email. Downloadable images are available on the Press Room page of her website.

About Nancy Christie
Nancy Christie is the award-winning author of two short story collections: Peripheral Visions and Other Stories and Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories, and three nonfiction books: Rut-Busting Book for Authors, Rut-Busting Book for Writers and The Gifts of Change. Her essays and short stories have appeared in numerous print and online publications, with several earning placements in national competitions.

The host of the Living the Writing Life podcast and founder of Celebrate Short Fiction Day, Christie presents writing workshops and talks at conferences, libraries, and bookstores. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), the Womens Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), and the Florida Writers Association (FWA).