ACE responds to media report on EIA report on partial development of Fanling Golf Course site


The following is issued on behalf of the Advisory Council on the Environment:
     In response to the media report today (May 5) on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report on Technical Study on Partial Development of Fanling Golf Course Site – Feasibility Study, the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) Secretariat has the following response:
     At the ACE meeting on May 3, 2023, the presentation slide of the Environmental Protection Department, showing “The ACE already voted on the acceptance of EIA report”, was meant to point out that the ACE had voted on whether the EIA report should be accepted rather than the ACE had voted to accept the EIA report during the ACE meeting on August 19, 2022. The voting results and details of the ACE meeting have been duly recorded in the confirmed meeting minutes. In addition, ACE Paper No. 9/2023 and the press release issued by the ACE after the meeting on May 3 have clearly set out the background of the subject, including the first round of voting on “endorsing the EIA report with conditions” which was not passed and the second round of voting on “Additional Information would be required from project proponent” which was passed. 
     The relevant meeting minutes, press release and discussion paper of the ACE are available on the website:
Meeting Minutes:
ACE’s press release:
ACE’s discussion paper: