An indie Chicago media company self-financed a film.

Taylor Larue Media-Media Production Company recently released their first feature length film, McKenzie McCoy, on Amazon Prime Video. The Chicago-based media production company started in fashion photography and has migrated to the filmmaking world.

In 2019, the company was busier than ever. The two-person startup company wrote, directed, and filmed three shorts that year. With limited resources available, Taylor Larue Media also edited and marketed each film. Those films are all streaming on Tubi and YouTube. The films include:

– Love Lessons – Tubi
– Forever – YouTube
– True or False – Tubi
– The Hard Part – YouTube

Taylor Larue Media, founded by Kelvin Larue Taylor, essentially came together through the love of film and a podcast. McKenzie McCoy was originally pitched by MeMe Wallace who is also a partner, writer, and producer at the company. MeMe Wallace, the screenwriter of McKenzie McCoy, completed the script in just two months. The table reads were scheduled but the script was not finished. The motivation to complete the script was at an all-time high.

The company found it challenging to distribute and market their films because of their limited resources. Kelvin and MeMe tried fundraising and tried to get investors but didn’t succeed with that plan. It was decided to self-finance the entire film. “This film was funded through our savings and charging our credit cards.”

The production crew consisted of six people total. Everyone wore different hats and was eager to help out in whatever way was needed. The film, McKenzie McCoy, was made through hard work, passion and the love of filmmaking. To learn more about Taylor Larue Media, visit the website at McKenzie McCoy is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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