Oradell, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 03/03/2023 –Phoenix Tape & Supply, with more than 35 years of experience in helping businesses reinforce their brands with high-quality materials, can easily make a small online reseller look like a large company with the simple addition of custom-made tape. Custom-made tape is the essential package sealing medium because it offers several advantages over regular packaging tape and is an economical option when compared to having printed boxes. Contact Phoenix Tape & Supply today to learn more about getting custom-made tape for any business.

When a business sees their custom-made tape stretched across a box to seal it up for shipping, it is hard to ignore the repeating logo and business name. And that’s what they want their recipients to see, as well as anyone else that happens to handle or see the box. Their custom-made tape is a marketing piece that will pass through countless hands and make an impression on everyone.

Even though Amazon does utilize printed cardboard boxes, they still use custom-made tape as well with their name and logo on it to seal every box they ship out. This is because it is effective marketing and is also economical to use. Getting custom-printed boxes in a wide range of sizes can be expensive, but custom-made tape works for any size box.

Having custom-made tape is also a theft deterrent. Regular packaging tape or kraft tape is easily cut through and then replaced or taped over without anyone suspecting anything is wrong. Because custom-made tape is unique to a business it helps to prevent this thievery to those packages; no one else has the custom-made tape and things will be obvious if someone tampers with the package.

For some organizations, they want to help the recipients know what is inside the package, especially if they ship several different kinds of items. For example, they may want to identify a package that contains a liquid, so they have a custom-made tape that indicates this. In other cases, they may want to identify packages that are fragile and having custom-made tape to add to boxes makes this an easy task to incorporate into a shipping process.

Phoenix Tape & Supply has helped thousands of organizations create their custom-made tape that helps to identify their packages, reduces theft of product, and otherwise operates as both a marketing medium as well as a package sealing option. Contact them today to order custom-made tape.

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Phoenix Tape & Supply provides affordable custom packing tape to all-sized companies throughout their vast service area. They serve customers in a diverse range of industries, including e-commerce, automotive, distribution, electronics and manufacturing. This inclusive business model allows them to accommodate orders as small as one case for small businesses to larger skid quantities for large scale factories. Learn more at www.phoenix-tape.com.