SCS continues visit in Beijing (with photos)


     ​The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mrs Ingrid Yeung, continued her visit in Beijing today (April 27).
     She called on the Executive Vice President of the National Academy of Governance (NAG), Mr Xie Chuntao, in the morning. Mrs Yeung introduced to Mr Xie and Vice President of the NAG, Mr Gong Weibin, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government’s plan to resume its national studies training programmes for civil servants after the epidemic and exchanged views on mutual co-operation. She also had a work meeting with the Director-General of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the NAG, Ms Dong Qing, and the Director of the Hong Kong and Macao International Training Center of the NAG, Mr Xie Yutong.
     Mrs Yeung said the Academy was a key partner for civil service training for the HKSAR. Being the highest institution for training civil servants, the NAG had nurtured many talents of governance for the country. Since 1999, the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) had co-organised national studies courses with the NAG and arranged for directorate civil servants and Administrative Officers to undergo training there. Nearly 1 400 senior civil servants had received training in the Academy over the years. Mrs Yeung thanked the NAG for its long-term support for the CSB’s training work and expressed that the CSB would continue to work closely with the Academy.
     All physical training and exchange activities for civil servants on the Mainland had been suspended in the past three years due to the epidemic. The CSB plans to gradually resume its national studies programmes held on the Mainland in the second half of this year and is discussing the detailed arrangements with Mainland partner institutions. Arrangements for middle and senior-level civil servants to attend training programmes, thematic visits and staff exchange programmes on the Mainland will be the first to be resumed.
     Mrs Yeung also called on the HKSAR Basic Law Committee under the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. She met with the Chairman of the Legislative Affairs Commission and the HKSAR Basic Law Committee under the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Mr Shen Chunyao, to exchange views on strengthening civil service training and future development directions. She also briefed Mr Shen on the key initiatives for the training on the Constitution, the Basic Law and the National Security Law in the HKSAR.
     Mrs Yeung then met with the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Nong Rong, to exchange views on the next stage of training programme in the country’s foreign affairs for HKSAR civil servants.
     Mrs Yeung will continue her last day of visit in Beijing tomorrow (April 28) and call on Peking University.