In the first book of the sci-fi series, the story flows well and abounds with interesting twists.

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Eric Fishs writing takes hold of readers, making it hard for them to put the book down.

Eric Fishs sci-fi book Splinters. Legacy Inherited was exhibited by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the 2023 London Book Fair. The book trade fair was held last April 18-20, 2023, at Olympia London, London, UK.

Splinters. Legacy Inherited is set in a distant future where some humans are already living in space while some still live on Earth. Humanity barely survived the Meteor Wars. The meteor strike has devastated the global ecosystem and, following tactical nuclear engagements, ruptured Earth. The disaster resulted in the death of hundreds of millions of humans. Technology broke down, and the nations economies completely collapsed.

A young man named Carter Livingstone starts an unexpected space voyage when his family wins the county lottery. Since childhood, he has longed to travel to space. Onboard the civilian passenger shuttle, he sits next to an unusual elderly man who presents him with an impossible commission. Before he could ask any questions, disaster struck.

The gruesome disaster is caused by The Intergalactic Governing Authority (IGA), which sets up a trap trying to capture the infamous Captain Kidd, a space pirate and leader of the resistance. The failed mission leaves Carter orphaned and deserted in an unfamiliar world. To the IGA, Carter becomes a liability that should be eliminated.

The author wrote a backstory and the adventures of the notorious Captain Kidd. He commands a crew of pirates in a ship called The Adventure. A technologically sophisticated warship, The Adventure has been under Captain Kidds command for forty years. Carter encounters the pirates, and they prefer Carter to embrace becoming an outlaw and a legendary pirate.

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Splinters. Legacy Inherited
Author | Eric Fish
Genre | Science Fiction
Publisher | Blankets Mountain Publishing LLC
Published date | May 20, 2022

Born in a small farm town in western New York, Eric Fish began writing in grade school. Writing has always been his passion, and he completed his first novel as a teenager. Aside from writing, his career included managing a Fortune 500 bookstore. From there, he went on to achieve his MBA and worked as a multi-state security manager.

He now runs his own business and writes full-time. Having recently adopted two young girls, Eric and his wife moved to Dansville, NY, to be near family. Readers were first introduced to Eric through his first books, the Neuro Dan series (each book having achieved Amazons No. 1 sales rank in its category upon release), or via social media.

Now Eric has returned to the genre he is most passionate about science fiction and fantasy. Splinters. Legacy Inherited is his debut science fiction novel and the first in a three-book series.