Payment Reminders help healthcare providers proactively engage patients, instead of waiting for their accounts to turn delinquent. This soft collection approach can result in a better overall customer experience and high patient satisfaction.

Datatel Inc., a leading provider of IVR Payments and Payment Automation Technology for over 20 years has announced the launch of Payment Reminders for Cerner EHR , a powerful new tool designed to help healthcare organizations simplify and accelerate their collection efforts.

This Payment Reminders solution automates bill payment communications, using friendly voice and text message reminders that are tailored for each patient. By automating the payment process, healthcare providers can improve cash flow, accelerate  invoice-to-payment time, and reduce the number of accounts that end up going to collections.

In addition to improving cash flow, Payment Reminders also helps healthcare providers reduce costs.  Payment Reminders gets the job done at a fraction of the cost of postal reminders, calls from staff, or collection agencies.

Datatel’s Payment Reminders makes it easy for patients by directing them to all of their available payment channels while also enabling  . healthcare providers to stay engaged with patients through effective communications that they control, choosing the message content and delivery schedule for each campaign.

In addition, automated voice and text messaging campaigns maximize results, while data exchange with the Cerner system makes campaign automation easy. Healthcare providers can also choose from a library of built-in message templates that are both branded to the hospital and tailored to specific collection goals. Real-time campaign metrics are also available on-demand through web reporting, allowing healthcare providers to track their progress and adjust as needed.

With Payment Reminders, healthcare providers can proactively engage with patients,    instead of waiting for their accounts to turn delinquent. This soft collection approach can result in a better overall customer experience, and high patient satisfaction.

Other features of Payment Reminders include the ability to contact  patients by both voice and text message, studio recorded voice messaging for a premium call experience, and smart message delivery that optimizes the call experience.

“Hospitals have made a substantial investment in deploying their Cerner electronic health record system. By utilizing Datatel’s Automated Payment Reminders, they can maximize the value of this investment and achieve higher returns. This solution can help accelerate payments and minimize collection costs, ultimately yielding greater benefits for the hospital.” said Barnard Crespi, Datatel’s Co-CEO

For more information about Payment Reminders for Cerner EHR, visit Datatel’s website or contact the company directly.

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