Follow the life of an athlete as he deals with different problems during his time.

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Life is full of new experiences.

Antonio Allens What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger: T-Macs Life Story follows the hardship of the author as he lives in an era of violence and deadly drive-by shootings in South Central Los Angeles.

Also known as T-MAC, the author takes back the readers to the 80s. The book opens with Allen being a college student, facing a problem with sports and his personal relationships. His coach would like to put him on the team and let him succeed in it. One of his challenges in his college days was to choose between the game and his girlfriend. When his then-girlfriend said she did not love him anymore, his coach tried to put him in the direction where he would concentrate on the game more.

T-MAC was an outstanding all-around athlete who excelled in the sports he had played, including basketball, baseball, football, and track and field. He has broken many records that are still in the book. However, his success came with a price. His family belonged to Jehovahs Witnesses. Due to his religion, he was forced to decline the opportunity to carry the flag for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

One of his successes in the field of sports is becoming one of the head coaches for the 1987 Special Olympics. He involved himself in the formation of Camp Bloomfield Foundation. Throughout his challenges, T-MACs spirit and passion still went on and were never broken.

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What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger: T-Macs Life Story
Author| Antonio Allen
Genre| Literature & Fiction
Publisher| Urlink Print & Media, LLC
Published Date| December 12, 2018