Carol J. Allen’s new release “Through My Eyes” explores the true meaning of life and spirituality

“To my Valentine,
The Lord directed me to you
At first I thought, how can this be!
But, over the years, I’ve found the truth
That part of you, was part of me”

Carol J. Allen, the author of “Through My Eyes” (AuthorHouse; 2008), shares experiences from her life that have stayed with her to this day. The story begins with Carol’s life, told through her recalled memories, where her thoughts are expressed in the poems with an interpretation that reveals the influence people had in her life.

Carol began writing poems in junior high school, and her poems were later published in the “International Library of Poetry,” as one of “The Best Poems and Poets of 2007.” She also wrote a poem in the “Collected Whispers” in 2008. Two years of college (Labor Relations), followed by two years at the “Institute of Children’s Literature.”

With this in mind, Carol has developed her writing and poetic talents to create this literary composition that is both spiritual and inspirational in nature, making readers laugh and cry. And, “Through My Eyes,” is only a small portion of what she has published over the years. It uses Carol’s personal narrative to show how spirituality develops in people’s lives, as well as the value of following one’s dreams and listening to the voice in one’s heart.

A good read that inspires, motivates, and nurtures the mind (and spirit); it can help readers feel more connected and at ease in the middle of chaos. Developing habits that encourage readers to be inventive, creative, and kind to oneself and others. It’s a remarkable book that can help readers in dealing with difficult situations and possibly create a positive mindset.

Hence, if you’re feeling distant from family, friends, or just plain lonely, Carol’s new release is without a doubt the one that readers should read. If you’re looking for the true meaning of life and spirituality, this spiritual and inspirational book is a great place to start.

Carol J. Allen’s books are available on Amazon:

Through My Eyes
Author | Carol J. Allen
Genre | Poetry
Publisher | AuthorHouse
Published date | December 4, 2008