COSTA MESA, Calif., April 19, 2023 /Vwire/ — Abbot’s Butcher—the makers of clean, nourishing plant-based proteins—has partnered with Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor. The launch will put Abbot’s Butcher premium plant-based meats on the market for over 5,200 customers across all 50 US states. All of Abbot’s Butcher bulk SKUs—”Chorizo”, Ground “Beef”, Chopped Chick’n, and Italian “Sausage” are now available and stocked at Dot.

“We are beyond excited to offer our clean, premium plant-based meats in partnership with Dot Foods. Their supply chain efficiencies allow everyone from national chain restaurants to local eateries access to purchase Abbot’s Butcher products from their distributor partners seamlessly. Now, every restaurant, café, and institutional foodservice operator who has requested Abbot’s Butcher products can order it with ease,” said Garrett Miller, Abbot’s Butcher’s Vice President of Sales, Foodservice.

This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Abbot’s Butcher. While available nationwide through regional and independent retailers including Target and Whole Foods Markets, this is the first time Abbot’s Butcher products will be available nationwide for foodservice. The brand has secured a number of foodservice accounts (Freebirds World Burrito, Protein Bar & Kitchen, and Chicas Tacos, among others) by working with regional distributors. The partnership with Dot allows Abbot’s and foodservice partners to streamline and significantly expedite the ordering and shipping process.

Abbot’s Butcher plant-based meats are reconnecting chefs, cooks, and customers with their food. Made from only 100% real food ingredients, Abbot’s Butcher products bring eaters back to how food should be—wholesome, nutritious, simple, and above all, delicious. Each ingredient is hand selected to produce a hearty, meaty bite and bold, craveable flavors. The “Chorizo” is seasoned with Spanish smoked paprika, the Ground “Beef” gets its umami from porcini mushrooms, and the Chopped Chick’n provides a juicy, flavorful bite from extra virgin olive oil and non-GMO pea protein. These foods are made with ingredients chefs understand and customers recognize.

All of Abbot’s Butcher plant-based meats are also free from the top nine allergens as well as canola, preservatives, and natural/artificial flavors. As the cleanest plant-based meat on the market, carrying Abbot’s Butcher allows foodservice operators to cater to every kind of customer, no matter their dietary restrictions or preferences.

“As more and more consumers seek healthier options when dining out, it’s become crucial to offer foods that satisfy both taste buds and nutritional needs. Our plant-based proteins deliver on both counts, providing a simple yet delicious solution for health-conscious diners,” said Kerry Song, Founder & CEO of Abbot’s Butcher. “Thanks to this partnership with Dot Foods, we are now able to be featured on menus everywhere, helping to transform the way people eat for the better.”


Bursting with flavor, Abbot’s “Chorizo” is packed with zesty chilies and a hint of smokiness, making it the perfect way to spice up any dish. Use the “Chorizo” in crave-worthy recipes such as scrambles, wraps, and of course, tacos. In addition to its retail presence, it’s also available at Freebirds World Burrito stores across Texas and independent foodservice operators in California.

Deliciously juicy and flavorful, Abbot’s Chopped Chick’n adds a hint of aromatic herbs and a crispy, satisfying bite to your favorite dishes. Simply substitute Abbot’s Chopped Chick’n in your favorite recipes like barbecue Chick’n pizza, wholesome grain bowls, or hearty salads. In addition to retail, Chopped Chick’n can be found in all Protein Bar and Kitchen locations.

Crafted with onion, thyme and porcini mushroom, Abbot’s savory plant-based Ground “Beef ” has the earthy, umami flavor you crave. Bring back classics like Sloppy Joes and Shepherd’s Pie. Or enjoy your favorites like Spaghetti Bolognese and “Beef” Enchiladas. With these rich and hearty vegan grounds, you’ll find countless ways to elevate your most-loved recipes.

Notes of garlic, fennel, thyme, and red chili flakes provide deep, rich flavors in this savory Italian “Sausage”. Perfect on pizzas, sandwiches, and pasta, Abbot’s Italian Sausage has an authentic taste and hearty, meaty bite. This SKU is only available for foodservice operators.


Abbot’s Butcher is a plant-based food company crafting modern day staples with 100% real food ingredients. Founded in 2017, Abbot’s Butcher grew out of farmers’ markets across Southern California and has since expanded into grocers, markets, and restaurants throughout the country. Abbot’s Butcher’s ethos revolves around the belief that food can be both craveable and healing for our bodies and the planet. This is taken through all of Abbot’s Butcher’s operations, from ethically sourced and natural ingredients to animal welfare programs and recycling practices. Each of Abbot’s Butcher’s plant-based meats are Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan-certified, Whole30 approved, and completely free from soy, gluten, canola oil, or additives. For more information, please visit You can also visit us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

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